Thursday, June 08, 2006

Missy & Casper

Here are pictures of Casper (above) and Missy.

They do favor each other. Seeing them together makes it easier to compare.

The colors appear different, but it could just be lighting.

The markings are certain similar.

After I restore my crashed computer, am going to make some Casper wallpaper for Missy to enjoy. Then I'll post a picture of her gazing at Casper on the computer screen.


Karen C. said...

That's so cool - they really do look a lot alike, don't they? Boy, they sure would have had some adorable kittens!

Emma's Kat said...

Wow, they really are similar. More so than I thought! MBE has such gorgeous big blue eyes!! So does Casper, but his aren't quite as big, I don't think!

danielle said...

You know we aren't supposed to play favorites but these two I think are my absolute favorite!!!!!
They are soooooooooo cute. They do look alike to.

momsbusy said...

caspers eyes are a bit more crossed but they could pass for litter mates w/out any problem. wonder what would happen if they met? would they think they were looking in a mirror at themselves?

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

That's funny, sometimes I have thought the same thing when Missy sees Casper on screen...she's going, wow I look good today! No, I think she knows it's Casper.
Her fur is actually has more silver in it than shows in the picture, she is not a true brown, but not a grey, either. She is sort of unique.
Also, think Casper's eyes are darker blue, gorgeous.
They sure make a cute couple. Would have had some cute kitties, too.

casper's mom (Monica) said...

I also think It would have been very interesting to see the kittens of Casper and Missy. Mary Lynn and I would want to keep them instead of finding them homes. I know I would have to have one like Missy.

I think the reason why Casper's eyes look bluer is because of the picture because they aren't really that dark of blue.