Thursday, July 13, 2006

Make New Friends, Keep the Old...

Wow, in the past few days we have made some wonderful New Friends. Checking out their blogs, reading about them, getting to know each other is really so much fun. Missy usually sits right here by me and we read together.

And some Old Friends now have their own blogs. Check these out:

Rose and Emily have welcomed the Young Royals, Brutus and Marigold, into their family. Rose is keeping an online record at: She has taken and posted some fantastic photos and, of course, there are her great narratives of life with the Royals. Rose is also thinking of a name change for "The Fuzz-Zone" in honor of her growing family. Suggestions, anyone (I like Rose & the Royals!). Update: Done!

Another favorite is Karen C's blog for Grr, Midnight and Cocoa: You can meet each of the three cats individually and learn the story about how Karen & Company found and captured three shy, wild, tiny kittens.

Missy's paws-down favorite, of course, is Casper. Check out Casper's Mom, Monica, has that adorable baby picture of Casper -- Missy has that here, too. Love that photo, you can see the "Casper" look on his face, even as a widdle bitty kitten.

And shame on me. How could I forget my favorite kitty, Jake? Danielle now has a photo blogsite with pictures of the intrepid Jake, plus Spot and Casper: If you haven't been following, Jake is a survivor, recovering against all odds.

Danielle is one busy lady, hosting the new photo blog plus her "famous" Venters Welcome blog: and the Stupid Trivia: (which Riquel ALWAYS wins).

Love these blogs. In my opinion, there just aren't enough pictures and stories about the brilliant Fuzz Pack Cats and all of our New Friends. So many clever cats, such talent -- I could just sit and read them all day (unfortunately, sometimes I do).


The Meezers said...

Oh more new blogs to read! how 'aciting!

danielle said...

I love what you are doing to get everyone to know about the new sites. I have one that is going to be pictures only. On my venting site you can click on pictures. I don't know the address yet. Please submit me some pics to put up. I am going to post anything and everything.

danielle said...

I forgot to say I left a comment on your secret paws comment part.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

ML: Thank you for putting all these blogs on your site. I didn't know that Jake had one! Take care! You are great!

Rose said...

ML Thanks as always for being so supportive of me getting my site up and running...we can all share in the times I fall on my face!!
After a few pertinent $$$ issues are cleared and the Young Royals have had their innoculations and, eh, "procedures", Queen Mum's gonna have 1 item on her wish list-DIGITAL CAMERA!! I think it'll be my birthday present to me!
Missy, your site looks Georgeous, girlfriend!! We can read ALL about you with that fix your mum put in the 'puter! You must be the Proudest FuZZ ever!
You are a beautiful FuZZ, Missy.
The Royals all send their love, and hope that you could recommend a
brand of catnip?? HM Queen Emily used to like one, but ol Queen Mum's had a senior moment and forgot!
Your suggestions are always welcome!!

Rose said...

Oh, by the way, Queen Mum Has Decreed:
The site documenting The Royal Family will be known as:

Rose & the Royals!!

Thank you all for your imput!!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Rose, I have an excellent source for catnip. Say no more. Two wonderful ladies on a farm in Iowa grow the most exquisite organic catnip. It is the only catnip Missy is allowed to use, it is so pure.
I will dispatch them to cater to the Royal Family ASAP, bestowing upon them gifts of fresh, crisp dried catnip, a pure organic spray of freshly distilled catnip guaranteed to drive them wild, and a few other surprises.
Say no more, Queen Mother,it is done.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

yur furry nice ta mention us cause we likes makin new furrends

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

For the best organic catnip ever, check out Donna and Maggie's Prairieland Herbs:

They are a mother-daughter team on a nice farm in Iowa with a great selection of natural products.

Hope they will send a photo of Mo to Kat's Cat of the Day. He guards the catnip on their farm. You can see him and all the "shop" cats who work there daily on the website.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

So many links, so little time! I need to pounce ALL of these. Purr.
Tell Rose the bestest nip is grown fresh, but Cosmic Catnip is amazing. Victor turns into a snatching, grabbing, steal-the-bag-from-your-hands monster as soon as it comes out of the cupboard!

Oreo said...

Speaking of new furriends, nice to meet you!! :)

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

And where, Bonnie Underfoot, does one get Cosmic Catnip?

Guess I'd better go post this on you & Victor's blog so you'll see it...!

Victor Tabbycat said...

*whispers*Psst, Missy... Missy! Tell yur Mom Cosmic Catnip is usually at PetSmart, PetCo, an ofur pet stores. It's the bestest. I can smell it thru two bags. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Kim said...

I love new friends!!! Does this mean we'll have even more people joining us on our Fuzz Family Get Together in 2008? I don't have time to visit everyone's site daily but will check in from time to time. If I don't comment, don't worry, I'm still there! I love all the sites and the kitties!!!!

Zeus said...

I added the kitty ones to my own list. Thanks for letting us know about these new friends!

Hot(M)BC said...

It's good to meetcha Missy and ML! We loves to meet new kitty furriends.

~~ Sanjee and the rest of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats [Hot(M)BC]

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

tell your mama ta stop hoggin the puter an let you post somethin! we wanna see pictures an we wanna hear bout your day

an don't you have a woofie in your house too? what's that like? they seems all loud an jumpy like to us

Fat Eric said...

Hi Missy! I saw a link to your blog on the House of the Mostly Black Cats page. Nice to meet yet another blogging kitty!
My name is Fat Eric and I am blogging here in London, please come and visit my page!