Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday, 8/7

It's Monday morning. I caught Missy trying to chase KC from a "safe distance". KC has been going fast and furious this morning, after gobbling down a huge portion of food and then going in Missy's "big girl" litter box.

Bear and KC already romp all over the place, with the 16-plus year old poodle rolling on the floor like a pup. Now, it seems, Missy wants to join in the fun.

Hopefully, this week the Kitty Tree will arrive, and possibly Theo, the Green Wall Shelter Kitty, and maybe even the Secret Paw for Missy.

And QM Rose should be receiving a small token worthy of her station in life, something terribly appropriate for the many,, how to put it delicately, ...antics, that's it, ...antics of the young royals and even of Her Highness herself, Queen Emily.

ALERT: If you are as enamored of the Litter of Squillions as I am, you must go to The House of the Mostly Black Cats and check out all the goodies to order.

The kitty tree arrived and is put together, will be posting photos of in a minute. KC helped and helped and helped. Ahem.


Rose said...

ML, is the DLS a Leather chastity belt???!!

Rose said...

Hey, ML! I just recieved the DLS and I LOVE it! Yes, the Queen Mother was NOT AMUSED with Prince Brutus' behaviour towards his sister yesterday! I don't own many "adornments"...I'll be wearing this (almost) constantly!
(not in the shower!)
We Love You
Rose and the Royals!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

no pic-shures? **pout** we'll check back later cause we likes ta see pic-shures of you all. if ya wants ta guess our pic-shures come on offur ta our bloggie. we hear it's furry hard ta tell who's who