Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Night Before...

...KC's LadieGarden-ectomy....just picked up all the food in the house...she can have water, though.

She's nodding off to sleep. I don't think I will sleep a bit tonight. And tomorrow night she won't be here, she has to spend the night at the V-E-T.

Since we first got her, she has this strange sleeping position, nose flat down in front of her, little shoulder blades up.

Charley and I will be very glad when tomorrow is over.

I keep hoping the surgery won't change her personality. Or if she comes back and doesn't like me anymore, or even worse.

Please keep KC in your prayers and purr-rayers (and us, too) to get through this.


Emma's Kat said...

You all will definately be in my thoughts and prayers! But try not to be too nervous! KC, you will be just fine and they are only keeping you overnight as an extra pre-caution. You will be so so groggy and wobbily from the anesthesia after surgery. But this is such a routine surgery, it'll be over before you and your mom and dad bean know it! We will miss you tomorrow, KC! And btw, I just noticed something in the 1st picture of the bug hunter post. Your orange booty! Lol! You have amazing colors and markings KC!

Anonymous said...

She will definitely still love you!!! It looks like she and Lux will both be having surgery tomorrow!

I'm thinking super-positive thoughts for both of them!

Lux's Mom

Anonymous said...

You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. It's frightening to have your baby have an operation and then be gone overnight. But everything will be just fine. And KC will love you just the same, or even more, if possible. And KC, don't be scared. It'll be over before you know it. Looking forward to your adorable post on Friday.
Barbie-Lou & Taylor

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

I know that kc will be fine. She has the best vet in Houston taking care of her. I'm sorry that I'm not there to "worry" with you. I'm saying lots of prayers for both her and you. Call me if you need to. Don't worry, of course she will still love you! The surgery won't change her personality, it will just keep her healthy! Purrs and Prayers coming your way! Love you!

Justin said...

Hey, I am praying for your kitty..Don't worry, everything will be okk..
You can check out this post on kitty-drollery to relax a bit..

God bless her.
take care.

The Meezers said...

don't worry - love is love and it nefurr changes. her purrsonality won't change eifurr. she will prolly be sore for a few days and not herself, but then she will be back to her old self. Mommy saided that bof Sammy and I gotted more loving after our hoo-ha-ectomies. - Miles

Hot(M)BC said...

Aw, ML. *hugs* Of course she'll like you, and she'll still be KC all the way. I'll do some special mojo for her and the kitties all will for sure.
Mom Robyn and the gang

Kaze said...

Oh the Lap Lady was soooo upset when I had my special surgery. She had to leave me over night and was just so worried. Try not to worry too much! KC wil certainly still be the same loving kitten and her personality won't change. We will sing for you all because we know how the nerves go.