Friday, March 16, 2007


Update: Bear ate her first food, a few tablespoons of chicken babyfood (the kind without onion powder). Still no poop, that's probably tomorrow. I gave her the second dose of codeine cough syrup, which the vet gave her to handle the congestion and pain. Hopefully, she will be out cold and I can get a few hours sleep.

Also, she didn't cough all day long until I took her out to walk. She sniffed the ground and started with the cough. Deb (Taylor CatSSSSS) had suggested it could be allergy instead of a heart problem. She just may be right (fingers crossed).

Bear is doing -- and looking -- much better today. She is walking around more, still hasn't eaten, but she is drinking lots of water. She wanted to go visit her friend Tazz, next door, first thing this morning.

The vet said she would feel really bad after the surgery for about twelve hours, then she would gradually start to feel better than she has in months.

The good news is the cough -- she hasn't coughed in hours! Hopefully, the cough was caused by the teeth and NOT by some hidden heart problems.

I stayed up with her all night, she slept. The only way she could get comfortable (at least that's her version of the story) was to sleep on me, holding her up, so her head was elevated. Otherwise, she would cough and choke. I finally got a couple of hours sleep this morning, once she could curl up and sleep without choking.

The pictures I took last night really scared me, she looked and felt so bad, I was afraid for her.


Daisy said...

Oh, poor Bear. She does look pretty out of it in yesterday's picture. Boy am I glad she is doing better today! C'mon Bear! Keep on getting better, you can do it!!

Emma's Kat said...

Poor Bear. Glad she should be feeling great soon though! Momma ML, you need to get some rest too!

Morgen said...

ML ~ I'm glad you were there for Bear last night, and glad you finally got some sleep, too!
That would be good news, indeed, if the fluid in the lungs was related to the abscessed teeth and not heart-related.
We'll keep praying for Bear (and you, too!)
love ya,
Not The Mama
& the gang from
Purrchance To Dream

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

poor sweet Bear! we're glad you're feeling better. your mommy sure is wonderful to sit up all night making sure you're comfortable enough to sleep.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I'm so so so so so happy to hear this. We thought about you all day yesterday and sent healing thoughts to sweet Bear. I'm sure you being with her all night (even with no sleep) was the best medicine she could have. Take care of yourself too! We're so happy for you!

caspersmom said...

Oh sweet Bear, just keep on getting better O.K. It was so nice for your Momma to let you sleep on her, I know that made you more secure. But now, Momma needs to get some rest too. So the both of you rest together cause that's what makes you better. The difference in the picture of yesterday and today is very promising. Love you Bear and you too ML.

The Meowers from Missouri said...

happy dance--purr purr--happy dance--purr purr--happy dance--purr purr!!!! bear is getting better!!!

you are a furry good mommy, ML--thank you for being a great nursie for bear!!

NinjaCat said...

Bear does look a lot better!! Keep going Bear!!

Brenda & Ninja

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Oh, Sweet Bear Baby! I'm so glad that she is doing better. I have been so worried about her. ML: Be sure to get some rest. I'll give you a call tomorrow. I talked to Charley today and got an update.

Love, Deb

Purrs & Prayers from all the Taylor CatSSSSS

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh I'm so glad Bear's feeling better today. It's no wonder she felt poopy last night, after surgery. It's great she's doing better now, though :) :) The kitties send purrs (between growling at me for hijacking their blogger id LOL)

Lux said...

Hugs to you - I'm sending good vibes that she'll keep feeling better and better.

McSkeezix said...

Oh, Bear, I hope so much that yoo will just git better and better and better! It's good to see yer on the mend!!!!

Ann M said...

Keep up the good work, Bear! You too ML, but get some rest. The emotional stress can wear you down, so take extra care.

Rosie(who else?) said...

....Walk It Like Ya Talk It, Bare!...........

Frostin said...

I'm so glad that Bear is getting better.

I felt guilty being happy because I graduated Jester school while I knew that Bear was still sick.

Hope she continues getting better and better.

Anita said...

I´m glad that you feel much better!! I ignited a candle and prayed for you the last weekend, when I read your blog: a candle for Bear

Purrrsssss for efurryone.

Luna said...

Poor Bear!!

For you..