Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Auction for Jody

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This Auction for Jody is for adorable sterling silver charms, either for a cat collar or for the kitty mommie or daddie. They can be worn as a pendant, put on a charm bracelet (clip ring and split rings attached), used as a cell phone charm (hanger included).
These were made and donated by the incredible Robyn, master jeweler.
Each charm is offered individually -- that is, three separate auctions --bid on one charm or all three.


This is an absolutely incredible handmade glass bead with great detailing. Tuxie even has pale pink lips. Enhancing his natural tuxedo elegance are two sparkling mystic quartz beads.


This charm has a cute silvertone heart (not sterling) with "Heart My Cat" on one side and an embossed paw print on the other. It is enhanced with a Bali daisy wheel, and a fantastic flame aura quartz bead and a sparkling mystic quartz bead.


The final charm features a smiling happy kitty face in silvertone (not sterling). This charm is enhanced with a Bali Daisy wheel and a mystic quartz bead.

Flame aura quartz beads (sometimes called rainbow) are beige with flares of vivid rose and blues and golds.

Mystic aura quartz beads (sometimes called opal or angel) are clear with soft flares of rose and blue and green.

All components of the charms (wire, Bali beads, clip/split rings) are solid .925 sterling silver except where noted.

Click on the pictures to biggify.

Auctions will end Saturday 4/14 at noon eastern time.

There is no minimum starting bid.
Remember you are bidding to help Jody help cats!


Karen Jo said...

They are all lovely, but I like the silver-tone cat face best. I bid $10 for the silver-tone cat face charm.

Daisy said...

Those are very cute. I like Charm #3 best because it has a "daisy wheel" on it. I think the cat face would look cute on my harness, too. I will bid $15 for that one.

DEBRA said...

We loves them all but are drawn to #2 -- love my cat-- so we will bid $15 on that one.


Rosie(who else?) said...

...the FB's are really big on the 'tuxie' charm.......

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Rosie is correct! I like #2. I will bid $20. Mom says I can.

Mattingly said...

Is no one really bidding on that top bead? It's handmade... and Tuxie! Gosh, I wish I could bid more than $20 because those kinds of beads are usually quite expensive. But we'll have to go with a $20 bid here.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

$20 for #3 - purrrrs!