Friday, July 20, 2007

End of the Week

This is one of the things received during the hectic day Wednesday (although I kept insisting it was Tuesday). Mom Robyn made the beads from rose-petals and then created the rosary. It is a handmade real rose-petal bead rosary. Click to biggify and see the detail. It is just beautiful. And it features St. Francis, Patron Saint of Animals. And guess what else? KC got another camera strap!

Margaret was moved from ICU into a room late Wednesday night. She is sitting up 4 hours at a time. Talking, eating and doing very well. She could be released within the next week... but she will probably have to go to rehab.


Emma's Kat said...

Wow, it is beautiful ML! I understand now why you said you got this gift at the purrfect time.

Margaret, So glad you're recovering so well as I'm sure you are too!

Cheysuli said...

That is beautiful. Now we are even more excited to get our necklace from Mom Robyn. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow if the post office cooperates!

Marilynn said...

How beautiful! Robyn really gave you a treasure, yes?

I'm so glad Margaret is improving. And how's Charley?

Continuing purrs and prayers here ...

The Furry Kids said...

That is a very beautiful gift. We're happy to hear the good news about Margaret. Have a good weekend!

Karen Jo said...

The rosary is truly beautiful. What a perfect gift! I am glad to hear that Margaret is doing so much better.

Pet's are 4 Life said...

Wow, that was alot of work to make that...but I think we kitties should get a chance to taste the petals first...mmmm rosepetals!

~Napoleon and Hunter~

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh, the pic turned out good ML. The quartz beads look glowing even! Those are my very first ever handmade rose beads. They're fun to make! I'm really glad you like it :)

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

That necklace/rosary is BEAUTIFUL!!! ATTENTION ROBYN, can I order one???

ML: So happy to hear that both Margaret and Charley are feeling better.

Love, Deb

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

aw, what a beautiful rosary. it is comforting to have them during hard times isn't it? i didn't know mom robyn made those!

i'm glad margaret is doing better and better every day. what great news!

aJ said...

that's a beautifuL rosary =D
reminds me of my chiLdhood.
iVe just stumbLed upon your site from my fLickr fRiend bonnie & victor
but, i shall add u to my rosary prayers.
hope you are doing weLL