Monday, October 08, 2007

October is Disability Awareness Month

Beau informed us this be National Awareness Month fur People (Beans) wif Disabilities.

Tha furry talented Zoolatry, Zoey & Maggie & Mom Ann, maded this grrrreat badge.

i's so impawtant to mine Daddie Charley who be disabled from a stroke. him's whole left side be paralyzed. i's takes good cares of him an he says i's his little sunshine an make him so happy.

Pleeze borrow this badge fur ur's blog. an if'n u's haf a disabled bean u's care for or know of, post ur's story on ur's bloggie 'n let's all share.

many fanks to Beau fur letting us all know!


caspersmom said...

Oh KC, I am so glad you take good care of your Daddy Charlie. You are such a good cat. We didn't know that October was disability month, we thank you and Beau for letting us know. I know both you and Missy take care of Mom too.

Missy I am so glad you got your own space. Mom and I love the second picture posted on last Sunday's post. You sure is pretty.
You must admit those rascally kitties can get to you some time with all their running around, but Mom says ahhh so cute. You and I know different huh? We have outgrown all that. Although we have to be on our toes once in awhile and Cleo does it for me. We get to chasing around for exercise.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Oh, what a nice idea! We're gonna have to use this too.

Samantha & Tigger said...

We put the badge on our blog and we are going to write a post about our Grandma Rosie, who has Alzheimer's tomorrow. We take care of her and give her lots of attention! Thanks to Beau and you KC for making us aware of this.
Your FL furiends,

Karen Jo said...

I put the badge up on my blog. I have a friend who was very badly damaged by two strokes, but I don't think her husband would like me blogging about it.

Mickey said...

I have the badge up.I'm glad yer Dad calls you a Ray of Sunshine.With yer face,how could you be anytghing but!
Both you and Missy are too cute.
Mom & I didn't know that October was disability month,but we do now.

Ariel said...

Love the Badge.Your a very good kitty
for taking good care of your daddy :)

Pet's are 4 Life said...

We understands about disability. Our momma struggles with one alot of the time. She says having us in her life makes it much more liveable and she doesn't know how she could ever live withouts cats. We purrs alots when she is feelings the worst and we snuggle when she can'ts get out of bed. She knows we loves her!
~All of Us~

Boy said...

Wow! You're a gweat kitty for taking gweat care of your daddy!
How can beans do without us wight?

The Furry Fighter said...

this is a lovely post - ise ask mum to make the badge go on my bloggie tomorrow xxx

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

KC, you are a little ray of sunshine! I know how much your Daddie Charley loves you. We will make sure that Mommy puts this on our bloggie. She and Sloane have had a bad cold and haven't been on the computer much.