Saturday, January 05, 2008


Baby Tortie asks: "Am I too little to enter tha Carnival of tha Cats?"

No, Baby Tortie, all cats and kittens can enter, and should.
This is the first Carnival held at its new home, The Cat Blogosphere!

Check out all the cat-blogging weekend activities!
See you there!

Weekend Cat Blogging #135 Jan 5-6
Katie and Puddy at A Byootaful Life
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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos
Edition 26 • 01-06-2008
Ammie & Menagerie at Sleeping Mommy
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The Carnival of the Cats #199
The Cat Blogosphere Sunday Evening 6:00 pm
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Dragonheart & Merlin said...

That is an adorable photo.

Thank you for your good wishes yesterday. I am doing much better. Dragonheart

Parker said...

Awwww, baby tortie has a very cute profile!

The Furry Fighter said...

nice picture. ise entered the carnival for the first time ever!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Baby Tortie is furry cute, but shouldn't she haf a name besides Baby Tortie?

Cheysuli and gemini said...

No Baby Tortie! No one is too little!

Victor Tabbycat said...

I fink she wants to ride on the big wheelie fing. You must be dis tall to ride on the wheelie.
Mom useda know a tortie named Spider Monkey or Monkey for short.

Boy said...

Have a nice weekend!

Eric and Flynn said...

Aww Baby Tortie that's a cute pikchur of yoo.

Samantha & Tigger said...

Oh Baby Tortie you are so cute and we hope you got a lot of treats for all the COTC submissions!
Your FL furiends,