Friday, June 13, 2008

Grafiks for Miss Storm

Copy and use any or all of these,
but remember,
until affer Miss Storm is at tha Bridge.

Fanks to Zoolatry for these beautiful grafiks.

Storm’s ETA Rainbow Bridge

  • 2:00 PM Great Britain
  • 9 AM Eastern
  • 8 AM Central
  • 7 AM Mountain
  • 6 AM Pacific


The Furry Fighter said...

this is just so beautiful of you...i don't have any words to express how this has made us all feel...we can only say thank you for being such brilliant and caring people, you have made this past year special for long
your friend forever
Stormie...The Furry Fighter

Moki said...

The graphics are amazing. What a wonderful tribute to Storm.

Max said...

Those are very, very beautiful. So is Storm...

Lux said...

Special graphics for one very special kitty.

Karen Jo said...

The graphics are all so beautiful that it will be hard to choose one.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

These are just beautiful. Stormie came by to say good bye. Mommy has very leaky eyes.

Princess said...

These are such beautiful graphics, just like Stormiekins.

Today is a day of winning.
Today is the day that Stormie gets to go to paradise and leave her tired body.

Love always

Jan's Funny Farm said...

These graphics are beautiful. We have one picked out. Thank you for making them and letting us use them.

purrs and tail wags

ML said...

Oh, no... the graphics were not ours... I could only wish. The super talented Ann of Zoolatry fame made those. I merely posted them, well, KC did, hidden from view until the appropriate time.
And they are beautiful, aren't they.

Lorianna said...

What a lovely idea, to wait until Stormie has made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. All of our Fur Babies that have gone before are waiting to greet her. Thank you for your touching posts.
Hugs to You and all of your Kitties,

The Crew said...

What a lovely way to remember Storm. I know her family must appreciate this.

caspersmom said...

These graphics of Stormie sure are pretty of a very beautiful cat. She will be missed.