Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Not Over in Iowa

(Addresses & Contacts on Randolph Businesses, City Council, etc. added below)

Update Sunday 3/16: David Earlywine wrote: I would have thought it would have stopped but this is typical of this group of people insolent to the end. He references the local grain elevator “Go over to the elevator and it's the biggest joke we've ever heard of.” and it's only one of two business (Farm Services Randolph and Tri Valley Bank) in this town maybe the business need to put a little pressure on the Mayor and City Council. Also some direct letters to each of the City Council members would do the trick since they have the final say in the matter. David

ML & KC's reply to David: Hi all, Oh, silly me... when I read they [citizens of Randolph] were talking about "the biggest joke we've ever heard of", we thought they meant the mayor and his barbaric plan. The mayor is the "stray" we missed, folks. The one to be Trapped, Neutered and Not Returned. Although we shouldn't sully the name "stray" by using it on the mayor. I don't imagine 100 strays could do more damage to that city than the mayor has.
I'm going to get busy and start the computer firing out letters to the businesses and council members. KC will post the addresses here. We're also going to use the emails since it is quick and easy. Whether they read them or not, doesn't matter. Hopefully it will flood their computer system (whatever that is, probably a Commodore 64, hee hee). ML & KC
ps: KC is hunting down the businesses and addresses right now, will post soon.

Randolph Iowa Information:

Farm Service Co
109 Depot St
Randolph, IA 51649
Phone: (712) 625-3111
Website: Farm Service Company - Main Office
Website: Farm Service Company - Randolph

Manager - Shane Schaaf
Phone: 712-625-3111
Fax: 712-625-4291

Tri Valley Bank
104 Main Street
Box 87
Randolph, IA 51649

President & Chairman - Jay W. Longinaker
Toll Free: 1-888-625-2201
Phone: (712)625-2201
Fax: (712)625-2081

Mayor & City Council Information
Mayor: Vance Trively
City Council: Don Wolfe, Al Wendland, Fred Fichter, Manford Foster, Janis Bliss

107 S Main St Randolph, Iowa 51649

Mayor's Address:
The Honorable Vance Trively
PO Box 88
107 S Main
Randolph, IA 51649-0013

Auntie Deb alerted Alley Cat Allies first thing this morning (3/16), so they should be on it.

David wrote yesterday (3/15) concerning this turn of events: I knew that’s what he would do! Agree just to get you out of town and buy him some time to scheme his way out of it... David

Earlier Posts
WHAT???? cyclone cats wrote: We posted a story from the Des Moines Register about the Randolph situation. The mayor says he didn’t know the cats would be returned after they were neutered. Um, why do you think they call it Trap-Neuter-RETURN!?

Just when we's finked it was safe.....

Reporter Mike Kilen posted this story, Randolph Repeals Cat Bounty but Trouble Remains.
"It's laughable... it's the biggest joke we've ever heard of. I was just trying to stop people from shooting or poisoning them." (Mayor Trively)

"We made it plain we didn't want these cats back in town," Trively said.
You can leave yours comments on Mike's story an tha situashun at the Des Moines Register.

The Randolph Community Web Site has, as usual, links and lots of informashun. They haf also a list of all the groups that assisted. As before, you can leaf comments and/or send emails wif your opinion.

For other resources, see mine furrst post, which haf addresses, emails and other info collected an contributed by the blogging cats of the Cat Blogosphere.

We cats are shocked that someone could miss somefing so obvious. If the feral cats are not returned, other (reads that, un-neutered, untested, diseased) cats will simply move in to fill tha void. Which would you rather have, Mayor Trively? If'n yous can't afford to haf this bunch fixed, how will you's afford tha next? And the next affer that?


Daisy said...

That mayor seems very, very ignorant. No wonder their town developed a "problem" with feral cats since it seems clear they have absolutely no well-thought out program for the welfare of their cats and dogs.

ML said...

KC heres, i responded to Daisy's comment:
You have gone right to the problim. i's finks, and i's sure effurryone would agree, that you should take over as mayor of Randolph Iowa. Goodness, you's overqualified, being a doktor and a model and a fearless hunter. plus you's, a cat, haf a firm grasp on tha spoken and written language.
And you's could bring a noo perspective to tha city, that of a cat's point of view. Maybe you's could exslplain to thems why it is not right to shoot (or poison) a cat (or dog) in the city or outside the city.
Yours furriend,
Purrs, KC

hello & mimmy said...

hi missy and KC,
thanks for visiting my blog and welcoming me to cat blogosphere. it was nice of you to invite eleanor & sunshine too. my mommy says she is glad there are no moderators. do they bite? i'm not sure what those are but they sure sound bad. we live in houston too. isn't the weather nice today? i got to hang out on the balcony earlier.

your new friend,

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Yes, isn't it awful. I think that Daisy is very wise in her comment.

ML said...

KC said...
Daisy is a furry wise kittie, in spite of hers young years. she probably wouldn't be interested in helping a town like Randolph, though, she's wayyy too busy. Too bad, they needs someone wif some brains up there.
Purrs, KC

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I'm telling you:

I - Idiots
O - Out
W - Wandering
A - Around

If anyone needs any more amo to fire off at these people, check out the article I posted on House Panthers as to why just killing feral cats doesn't work.

Parker said...

I just don't get how humans can be that ignorant. Hopefully the nice folks at Alley Cat Allies can provide some much needed education to those folks. Surely there are some people who live there that can take up the cause and make this a successful experience for those kitties and turn some of those ignorant humans around.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

I alerted Alley Cat Allies to this idiot of a mayor early yesterday morning. They are ON IT! Daisy, you are very smart!

Diamond Emerald Eyes: WOW, did you ever get it right!

Artsy Catsy said...

Yes, since Daisy's brain is obviously bigger than the 'Honorable?' Vance Trively's, I say ... Daisy for Mayor!! And I would be proud to serve as your bodyguard since Randolph is a dangerous place for kitties.

Once you're established, I think you should banish the old mayor to Rome, Italy, for a fine example of how real human beings live. In Rome, stray and feral cats are everywhere and they are cherished - everyone feeds and takes care of them.


cyclone cats! said...

we dont' exactly agree with Diamond-we are not ALL idiots! MOL! The Mayor in Randolph is fer sure!

We're monitoring the DSM paper for any news/updates.

ML said...

KC said,
O, Cyclone Cats, don't you worry. Besides David Earlywine, who obviously lives in Iowa, we's gotted some great furriends there. Besides you all. Chris aka Lockergnome is an old furried, an our pals at Prairieland Herbs an all thems great folks on tha farm. Plus a lots of furriends we hasn't even met yet.
It's just tha bad ones really stick out, isn't that tha way it is?
i's (heart) Cyclone Cats... we all do. and i like Iowa, too.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I'm with Daisy. These people are being lead by a moron. I can't believe this. We are totally writing letters and makeing calls.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Can we address our letters to
The Less-than-Honorable Vance Trively

Praline said...

This is unbelieveable! Some people just don't understand, or worse yet, don't care about the animal population.

Tybalt said...

It never ceases to amaze my mommy how uncaring and ignorant so many people are . . . this whole situation is just appalling.