Friday, May 16, 2008

Faith Boo - Formerly Feral

Cat Date: Wednesday 14th of May.
Faith Boo got into an opened package of Temptations and helped herself. Cat Date: Thursday AM 15th of May.
We heard a huge noise to the back of the house.
Faith Boomerang got into the bottom drawer of the storage unit.
She worked her way up from behind to the next to the top drawer...
... and pushed it out onto the floor. All the other cats came running to play.
The bottom vanity drawer was pushed out (see 2nd photo),
towels were pulled from the racks, and cat toys were everywhere.
Did I mention the shredded toilet paper? And the wild game of tub soccer?

Cat Date: Thursday PM 15th of May.
Had to leave the shopping bags on the floor to help Margaret, next door.
When I returned....
...someone had gnawed holes in BOTH new bags of food.
Miss Faith Boomerang aka The Texas Tornado strikes again!
This summarizes about 18 hours in our lives.

Faith Boo has a huge crush on Rascal.
Can you imagine those two together?????

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Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Hey Faith, my brother (Rascal) was just reading all about your destruction and telling me how wonderful, talented, clever & beautiful you are. Then he got to that last line that said you've got a crush on him and he fainted. I gotta revive him now. I think I'm gonna put the bitey on his ear.


You mean she's really got a crush on me? All that gorgeous and destructive fluffy perfection in one girl, and she actually likes ME? Whoa! I'm so happy I'm gonna go shred something right now!

ML said...

KC said...
Faith Boo just read Rascal's comment and she is so happy she is in peeling the cardboard off several large boxes.
We just hid the toilet paper and a few other things, just in case she gets too carried away.
What a pair!

One-Eyed Jack said...

WaHOO Faith BOO!!!!!!!!!! You're a Tortie Terror!!! I should be taking lessons from you! I love how you just sit there in the first picture all "Yeah, I did it, so?"


One-Eyed Jack said...

Oh goodness! KC, you must have your paws full with THAT one! Did you teach her all that?


MoMo said...

OMC! I am speechless! I don't think I'm ever going to get a sibling.

Rascal + Faith = destruction on a GRAND scale. Better your house than mine

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Wow, Faith, you are very talented! :) Our mom has to put our dry food into a metal cannister, otherwise, Merlin gets into it. He even tries to chew on the litter bag (it's heavy paper since it contains a plant-based litter)! Silly kitten.


jane said...

What a little wrecking crew they are!

Millie said...

Wowza. I am a princess compared to Faith Boo Boo!

'Course, Mom hasn't got any of those plastic drawers

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Faith-Boo, The Tenacious Tempestuous Tumultuous Tough *SS Texas Tortie Tornado!

We are so impressed with your destructive skills and your ability to just sit there and say with one look: "Yep, I did this...aren't you proud!"

Hmmm....yes, Rascal would be a great boyfriend for you. Look out world!

Love, The Taylor CatSSSSS

Faithie-Boo, I don't think you did all that damage. I'm convinced you are being framed by one of your brothers. I would demand that Mommy get DNA evidence. Until then....just deny everything! Or, you can blame it on "I don't know" or "Not me". Those two live here in my house somewhere and they do a lot of destruction!

Love, Auntie Deb

The Meezers said...

holy tornado!!! Faith Boo - you is wilder than Billy!!!

TT said...

hehehe We has two kittys here that do's that with bags of crunchies. Not me though, I hasn't many teefs to do that! Keep that going Faith, it makes the beans laughs really hard. :)

Mo said...

What a day!
I can't leave Temptations bags out in plain sight around Chloe, either - they have to be in a drawer she cannot open.
And Jaz does the same thing to bags of cat food left in his presence for more than two minutes - in fact, I came downstairs one day and he'd gotten into his cupboard and chewed through the bag in there! So now all dry food is transferred into plastic canisters as soon as I come home from the store!

That pic of Faith Boo in the drawer made me guffaw, thanks!

And as for your AT&T e-mail thing - what, were they holding the e-mails hostage, or what? That is just weird. But I am having big Verizon issues right now, so nothing big telecommunications corporations do surprises me. They certainly lost the art of customer service along the way to being megaconglomerates!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Not The Mama

Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

Holy smokes! We thought our Rocky was a little devil! Mommy can't leave any food or treats out (feline or human!) as Rocky will get at them instantly! :)

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

HAHAHA! Dat looks likes mine kinda a fun! Corse da puppy keeps me out a trouble alot des days! hehehe ~Empress

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

LOL!!! Way to go, Faith Boo! You know who's running the household. I should take notes from you! ::pulls out paw pad and kitty pen:: So, what's your secret? How do you time your events?

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow, it looks like fun!

Daisy said...

Faith, you really are a little wild one! I like that.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Last night I flipped a food plate upside-down and skidded it across the floor, leaving stinky goodness skid marks everywhere. Then I chewed the corner of the bag of crunchies and knocked the Fancy Feast cans into the water bowl (SPLASH! good fun!). After that I sharpened my claws on the Lady's antique chair, then I jumped up on the TV to shred the hanging plant. I'm just so happy you like me, I really wanna impress you. I'm off to work on the corner of the box of kitty litter now!
Purrs & hugs,

Marilynn said...

Oh, my!! What an exciting 18 hours for the kittehs!! Lots of work for you, but the babies are all happy!

And I read your comment about AT&T and Yahoo -- lordy! I'm in the process of divesting myself from all connections with AT&T. At first I was considering using their fiber optic system (U-Verse) whenever it comes online, but I'm quickly rethinking that. Comcast and T-mobil seem SOOOOO much more reliable.

Happy playtime, all you Faith-Boo followers!


PB & J said...

Go Tortie Tornado Go!!!!!


Mickey said...

FaithBoo, you pot the 'ToughA$$' in Tortie!! Bwahahahahaha!!
I bet your Mom will get a storage unit with locks on it !! Heehee
Great job on the self treating :)
Purrs Mickey
My Mom says 'Hugs' to your Mom

Asta said...


Youw house must be sooo much fun..such clevew ,cweative, playful catses..I'm so glad FaithBoo's cwushis wecipwocated...sounds like a puwwfect paiw.

I got youw bootiful Books today! Thank you so vewy much!!!They awe vewy special , and I loe youw cawd wif youw face on it
have a gweat weekend
smoochie kisses

ML said...

Well, well, well. Faith Boomerang just trapped and killed something. Either a snake or lizard. Really scary looking, too.
Her older brothers stood by, gazing at her with admiration, as she whapped it.
Photos tomorrow.

To quote Faith Boo, "My first big kill I dedicate to Rascal".

ML said...

(You must excuse me now, I am feeling queasy.... When Big BJ got his turn at it, he kept trying to bring it to me... still squirming! Mom ML)

Quasi said...

Kitties, I salute you. That's a level of damage that most cats can only dream of.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

YOU KILLED A SQUIRMY THING!?! I'm so impressed! I can't wait to see the pictures! Didja bite its head off? Didja? If you didn't, could I? There's nothing to hunt here ::pout::. I wanna kill something for you too!

ML said...

Faith Boo said:
Rascal, I put tha bitey and its tail came off. And the tail kept going on its own. And so did the front part.
I shared with my brofurs, but if you had been here with me, I would have shared with you.
I will post the pictures tomorrow.
Faith Boomerang

ML said...

Here is an update on today's activities by Faith Boo, posted on Rascal's bloggie:
Faith Boo said...
My goodness, Rascal, I am impressed with your devastation skills.
So far today I hid Mommie ML's new visor, which she really needs in the sun, and I thoughtfully chewed the tag off of it first. Maybe I got a little of the straw part, too, it tasted so good I couldn't stop. You know how that is.
I pushed the big basket of cat food out of the pantry and onto the floor and onto my brofurs. Fun.
And what a surprise... I also turned a plate of gooey stinky goodness over and managed to push it to the carpet!!! Ding ding ding, I'm a winner.
Isn't it true, the simple pleasures in life are what's important.
Faith Boo

meemsnyc said...

The Texas Tornado! I love it! Good job on getting into the Temptations.

Catzee said...

Yay Faith Boo! Tortie-tude all the way! You go girl!

Rascal said...

Hmmm. A typical Tortie.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Good job Faith Boo...even better wif da "so what" look.

caspersmom said...

Goodness, those cats sure can theirselves into a passel of trouble. Looks like they were pretty hungry. Faith has got the right temptations, chicken. My favorite. You wouldn't see Missy getting herself in trouble like that. Idon't remember KC getting into trouble like that either. Did you get yourself a lizard Faith. I love to take the tail off and watch it squirm. Darn, no lizards in the back yard yet.

Hi pretty Missy.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

What a beautiful and talented girl you are! I couldn't find anything to kill tonight, so I jumped up and shoved the electric pencil sharpener off a shelf. It was full of delightful pencil shavings which spilled ALL OVER THE LAUNDRY ROOM! Then Riley and I frolicked in them and spread them around lots. I didn't get in trouble with the Lady though. When she came home, she found the mess waiting for her. The (formerly) Blonde Girl's dad was there and told on me. He said he would have cleaned it up, but he didn't know whether to use the dust buster or the vacuum. That didn't go over very well with the Lady.
hugs & purrs,

Kimo & Sabi said...

Hehehehe - Faith should be renamed Mischief!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Way to go, Faith!

Oops. Sorry, Jan. Shame on you, Faith. We would NEVER do anything like that.

Psst. Jan's gone. Keep up the good work.

Jimmy Joe said...

Wow, Faith, you are a very precocious young tortie! I think you qualify for a gifted-kittens school.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Faith Boo you are the ringleader of all those boys!!! What a good job you do!!

Eric and Flynn said...

Faith Boo what a terror you are. We admire you, and you are a mighty hunter too. Well done.

Lisa said...

Faith Boo, you are defining the phrase "Tough A$$ Tortie". You go girl! And may I say, I am so glad your mom gets to enjoy you while my little tortie Maggie leads a very quiet sedate life. Thank God. You are cute. I love to hear about your adventures. I still like the one with the note from the shelter warning people about you. Torti-tude rules!