Monday, November 03, 2008

Gizzy Quilt Raffle

The Autumn Gizzy! Wow!
The colors are warm and spicy, the fabrics are so unique and beautiful. This is a genuine Gizzy Quilt created by Millie's talented Mom Lynne. Can't think of a cat we know that wouldn't look good snoozing and relaxing on this quilt... especially after a big Thanksgiving dinner!

Tickets are $5 each.

No Paypal account needed, just a credit card.

  • Raffle ends Friday 11/7 Midnight ET
  • Lucky winner announced Saturday 11/8
  • Free US Priority Mail Shipping anywhere in the US.
  • Shipping outside the US is extra.
  • Quilt is 24" square, top-quality 100% cotton top and bottom
  • Warm fleece middle.
  • Completely machine washable.
  • Quilt purrsonally snoopervised and tested by Darling Millie.
  • Makes a cherished holiday gift.
  • 100% of the money raised goes to Criz, Moki, Beau & Callie.
  • See more auctions and raffles for great goodies and gifts at Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere.
Just a comment on what a wonderful group we know. Criz wants to get Janice back home from the animal hospital, but the vet won't release her until surgery costs are paid in full. Each day adds more to the bill. When Moki and Beau learned of this, both asked to give their portions of recent raffles to Criz, since they felt their needs were not as urgent. Miss Peach heard about it and immediately got together a fantastic auction. Beau had his Mom Cathy made a beautiful bracelet and earring set (see Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere).


Karen Jo said...

The Autumn Gizzy is beautiful. It was indeed very kind of Moki and Beau to support Criz in this way.

Milo said...

WisHinG yOu a FaBulOuSly SpOoKy HalLoWeEn!

That's a really beautiful quilt - your Mom is very talented.

ML said...

Yes, it is a gorgeous quilt. But I didn't make it, I purchased it from Darling Millie's Mom. Got it just to raffle off for the season.

CRIZ LAI said...

Thanks for holding the raffle ML. It's great to know such great friends as you from the CB. Thanks to Moki & Beau to help me whenI needed it most.

May the coming season be filled with joy and merry for all of you.

Criz & the J Family Kitties

Millie said...

Mom is working to finish this quilt and I am helping. It should be finished tomorrow!

Mo said...

Beautiful! You are so wonderful to continually help out kitties around the whole wide world!

Happy Halloween!from Purrchance To Dream

Midori said...

Oh! (Hee-hee!) I tried to buy the Autumn Gizzy quilt when I saw it on Darling Millie's blog but she said it was spoken for! It's a beautiful gizzy quilt and I'm so glad it's going to help kitties in need! I'm going to buy some raffle tickets and keep my fingers(and paws) crossed that we might be the lucky winners! Thanks ML and KC!


Midori and kitties

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Mommy just bought some ticket because I will just die if I don't get this beautiful matches my few furs so purrrrfectly!
our auction is over and it was a purrrrfect BLAST! I wish I could help every kitty in need, I truely do. Mommy is already looking for something to help Kitty Janice with back in her stash....
All my special love on this Halloween day, your Miss Peach

Furkidsmom said...

That is so pretty that we made our Mom buy tickets right away! We're crossing our paws and hoping we win!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

cyclone cats! said...

would you please send us Auntie Deb's snail mail address??

You can email us at
cyclonecats1121 @ GMAIL DOT COM

Thanx KCQ

Steppa and her Babys +Lover Guy said...

this blanky is beautiful ans so are the babys on it ahaahah.NO i did not break them up

The Meezers said...

beautiful quilt!! KC, how is you doing sweetie? we is werried about you!!!


BeadedTail said...

Beautiful quilt! What a wonderful thing you all are doing to raise funds to help out kitties in need. I'm going to check out the Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere!

Thank you for visiting my blog too! I am glad I found Miss Peach and now your blog! I just love kitties and am so glad to discover such great kitty blogs!

Cat-a-holic, Laila and Minchie said...

We always like helping out our furrends when we can. We just bought a ticket!

Laila and Minchie