Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monday Monday

Isn't this cute. Actually, I called him "Freddie Kruger" right after it happened, because of the number of wounds. But Smokey Scissorhands just has a great sound. And Smokey has sort of a Johnny Depp look.
I's keeping a close eye on mine Mommy ML.
She's purrty beat up.
They's counted 35 bites on hers right foot. Tha deep bites are above tha ankle, them's tha ones tha damaged a little tendon or sumfing. You's can't effen see an ankle it's all so swollen an red.
There's 22 bites on her right hand, plus scratches.
There's just 7 bites on her left hand, but one almost went thru the ring finger -- at the joint -- on bof sides. It is really swollen and red.
Daddy Charley is taking her to Dr. Bob in tha morning even though hers can barely walk.
Smokey is just fine.
He tries to sleep right up against Mommy, but I pushes him back an I sleeps right next to her. I's follow mine Mommy effurrywhere right now, just to be sure hers okay.
Mommy snuggles wif Smokey, hers unnerstands him was crazy wif fears. Him's acting sorta sheepy, so she gifs him extra attenshun.
Fanks fur all tha purrs.

Update: Daddy Charley didn't get Mommy up fur hers appointment.
Good noos is that effurryfing looks much better except fur tha place where hers ankle was. She made Daddy Charley promise he's take her in to Doktor Bob tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.


Misha said...

Yeowch! Your poor Mummy!

Smokey must have been really freaked out.

peggy and The Cats said...

Oh no. So sorry to hear this. And I was complaining about one bite from Jeannie. I hope you got some really good pain pills, you're gonna need them. I'm going to go thru the house right now and cut all the cords on my blinds. Try a wet hot towel soaked in water and Epson salts. It helps with the ache and draws out bad stuff. You're in my thoughts - really.

ML said...

That is my main concern... what if I hadn't been home. Smokey could have easily twisted and broken his left, who knows what would have happened.
I have tied all my blind cords up, not going to risk this happening to any of my little furry babies again.
That little Smokey, for being the smallest cat, is a real fighter. Who would have thought.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh my! That is a lot of bites and scratches! Purrs to you both once again.

Camie's Kitties said...

We are purring for your mommy. We are glad that Smokey is okay. We think he is probably still a little bit scared about what he did and that is why he wants to be right next to your mommy.

Purrs and hugs.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and NK

Karen Jo said...

Tying up the blind cords is a really good idea. I hope that you heal up quickly, ML, though I fear it is going to take a while. You are doing a good job of watching over your Mom, KC.

Kaz's Cats said...

KC, we're glad that you're looking after Mommy ML so well. Smokey's no doubt feeling scared about what happened, so we're sending big purrs and purrayers to him and especially to Mommy ML for healing.


Gypsy & Tasha

Parker said...

We all hope that you are OK and that the Dr. can help!

Frostin said...

I hope the Dr fixes your Mommy real good, but she is probably going to need you to continue watching over her for a while KC. Try to let Smokey lay with her sometimes too. He is worried about her and afraid that she may not love him any more because of all the bites.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

KC, what a great nurse you are! Keep on watching over your Mommy. Smokey didn't mean to hurtie her!

Let me know when your Mommy gets back from the doctor.

You look so beautiful in the pictures!

The Cat Realm said...

Oh gosh Smokey! We are so glad you have an understanding human who knows what happened and that you did never mean to harm her! All our blind cord are tied up because after the maid saw Luna play with them once she realized they could really kill themselves with those things!
We are so sorry for your poor Mom and hope the pain will not be too bad, and glad that Smokey didn't injure himself!
Lots of purrrrs poor Mom!

PB 'n J said...

Oh Mommy ML, we hope that Dr. Bob can help. We're glad that Smokey is ok, and we're sure he's feeling bad too. We'll be purring for all of you!

HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

Aw, yoo's a good kitty to look after yore poor hurt Mommy, KC. Yoo keep a good eye on her!
Mommy sez her old kitty Pooh got stucked in the blinds once and wented crazy. She got lucky tho or somethin and didn't getted hurt. She wishes she knewed how so she could share a tip.
We are purring and purring our best for Mommie ML to heel up reel fast. And we are purroud of her for reelizin that Smokey was jus paniked and not bein mean.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

We're happy your mom has you to make her better, KC! We bet the nice doctor will help lots too.
The Lady told us about a kitten she had once who tried to jump onto a chair and missed. She got her leg stuck in a v-shaped place where a chair leg met with a decorative piece of wood. She was stuck hanging there because the Lady was at work. The kitty had a tear in her leg muscles that the vet repaired and she was okay after that, but the Lady still cries when she thinks about how the poor kitty must have been so scared and hurt. She's always looking around for hazards and thinking "what if" now. We're very glad your mom was there to rescue Smokey and we hope she's all healed up and pain-free really fast!

Daisy said...

Oh dear, that's a lot of bites! KC, I sure am glad you are looking after your mom real good.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're glad to hear you're taking such good care of you mom. And that she's forgiven Smokey. And vice versa.

We want her to be okay, so we're glad your dad is taking her to the doctor.

Baby Patches said...

He musts have been so scared. Sorry to hears about your mommy, please takes good care of her. Healing purrs for her!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

That Smokey Scissor Hands picture is too cute! Now make sure to get to that doctor ASAP, or we bet Aunty Deb will be out there really quick to make sure you do go! Gotta take care of that ankle. Puffy kitties (like Faith) are good, but puffy ankles are not.

The Island Cats said...

ML, I hope you are okay. A number of years ago, I had a cat that got caught up in the blinds and cord and actually pulled the blind right off of the window. I was on vacation at the time and fortunately had a cat sitter coming in twice a day.

Now I have breakaway cords on all my blinds.

I'm glad Smokey has recovered from his fright and I hope you heal quickly.

Island Cats' mom

Angel said...

We pray you are ok, ML! Any of us would have dont the same thing if one of our babies was screaming in pain or fear! Take care of those bites and get well soon! Faith Boomerang looks sad, scared and upset!

mog said...

Breakaway cords, now that is an idea. Luckily, none of my cats got stuck in the blinds, only have one cord to get stuck in. I've pretty much catproofed the place. Had to, they're such destructive little beasties.

That is a lot of bites. Do go to the doctor this time. We don't want any infected bite wounds.


Fat Eric said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about this incident. Hope the bites and scratches heal up fast. And hope everyone's nerves heal up too!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh ML and KC!
I have been thinking about you and hope that the swelling is going down. Epsom salts is a purrrfect idea too. Thank you for your kind post for Normie's beans. It means so much to me. Life is so precious. I still remember when I first started blogging and prayed for your Charlie so much. We all gather close at times for comfort. it turly helps our hearts. Right now I am having a bad ear infection. Mommy found my ear draining last night and freaked out. Dry wax and stuff all over it. We are not happy about for having it and mommy for worring about it. I have to go to the Vet Thursday adn have it amputateed or somefin bad like that probabbly...I hope not. How will I look in my wedding pictures with only one ear anywayz!
Love your devoted Miss Peach

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Holy Moly! Even Bendrix winced at that. We understand Smokey was just freaked out tho but it doesn't make it easier. Peggy & the Cats have a good idea with the hot/warm towel soaked in Epson salts.

Our cords are already split cause mommy's friend warned her of this when I first got here. I'm so sorry that Smokey got scared and I'm glad he wasn't hurt.

I will purr and purr that your mommy gets all better soon and the doctor has good news. purrrs

DEBRA said...

Momma ML we is all furry werried bout yoo...we hope dat yoo will heal quickly and we is soree Smokey wuz so freaked out...


Sweet Praline said...

Momma ML, I hope you are feeling better really soon.

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Oh Mommie ML, we just saw about you at the CB!!! We hope you are feeling better and Epsom salts really help!! We know the Dr. will get you better! Purrrrs for Smokey!! And KC you are taking such good care of your Mom!!
Your FL furiends,
and Maverick

PS: We love the graphic!

Forty Paws said...

Oh my gosh! Those sound way way way too painful and we think you need to go see the Doctor Bob!

Luf, Us

Derby said...

Continuing healing purrs for mum ML.

Steppa and her Babys +Lover Guy said...

O my god u 2 mustt have fregt out iam so glad u 2 ar going to be ok allway were armor

The Meezers said...

::HUGS AuntieMommyML:: - ME loves you!!! - Billy

We is purring hard for you. And Smokey

Marilynn said...

So ... now Mommy ML has seen Dr. Bob, right? And can you all tell if the antibiotics have "kicked in" yet? I sure hope so.

Continuing our purrs and prayers for all of you.


Marilynn, Grace & Company

Marilynn said...

All the blinds in our house are loose and have little pulls on the ends of them -- no loops. I hadn't thought of that problem. I'm glad you've taken care of it.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

How are you today?


caspersmom said...

Oh KC, we are so glad that you are watching over your Mom. Sorry, we couldn't completer or comment on the last blog. But Mom was so upset, so glad your Mom is doing better. Poor Smokey too. It must have been really frightening for him. I remember when Cleo got caught up in the plastic bag and couldn't get rid of it. Mom thought she was playing until she saw the fear in her eyes. We is still purring and praying for you Mary Lynn.

Hi my pretty Missy Blue eyes, I know you are watching over your Mom too.


Fin said...

Wow, hope Dr Bob made you all better. Purrs to all of you!