Monday, March 23, 2009

Tabby & Tortie Toosday

KC sleeps in her famous "180-degree Monty twist".

Lovely Missy naps inside her "house", which is the base of a cat tree.
Look at those laser eyes!
Casper -- her "nose twin" -- has a great new cat tree much like this one...
see it here...
the last photo of that post is him leaving his "house".

Everything is healing just fine. The ankle wounds were very deep and are still inflamed and sore as is the left ring finger. Still on oral antibiotics and ointment.
Have nightmares of hearing and seeing poor Smokey hanging by his little leg.
We have tied up all of our blind cords so that will never happen again.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

*yawn* dat makes us sleepy...zzzzzzzzzz Glad yoor healing now and der's no chance fur it to happen again.

mog said...

KC is very talented and brave. My kitties always sleep curled up. Only Bazel would stretch out and expose his tummy. Love laser eyes.

Glad you are healing, the wounds may be nasty but the nightmares are worse, harder to get rid of I think. Hope you heal quickly.


Camie's Kitties said...

We hope the nightmares go away soon. We agree with Mog, they are sometimes worse than the actual injuries.

KC and Missy both look so cute sleeping.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

PinkynAsh said...

KC, do you take gymnastics? That looks like fun to curl around like that. Missy looks all cozy in her bed, with those lovely laser eyes. It's good to hear the Mom is still healing well, but sorry to hear she is still having nightmares. Times like that scare parents.

Karen Jo said...

You are very limber, KC, to be able to get in that position, much less nap in it. Missy, good job on using your laser eyes to chase the clicky box away. I am glad that the wounds are healing. I hope the nightmares stop soon.

pughy said...

Ohh so glad you are healing.. The nightmares will take time, but just reflect on the fact it was an ok outcome and could have been so much worse.

Love the stretched out photo, I like to sleep like that too sometimes. all twisted up.

Hugs GJ x

The Meezers said...

KC and Missy you are both very beautiful!

FAITH BOO!!! dancedancedance runrunrun zoomzoomzoom playplayplay snugglesnugglesnuggle ::blushblushblush:: - Billy

We is glad that you is healing up AuntieMommyML. We is sorry you're hafing nightmares though! Mommy says that it means that you love Smokey very much and are werried about him.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

KC looks so adorable! Missy looks lovely, except you can't see her famous blue eyes! :)

I'm looking forward to coming down on Friday!!!


Love, Auntie Deb

caspersmom said...

Hey, My pretty Missy Blue Eyes every time I sleep in the house cave of our cat tree I will think of you sleeping in yours, that is if I can get Gizmo out of there. He likes it in there. Guess it's because it's private. Guess that's where you go to get away from the crew at your place.

KC that's a great position you are in.

Purrs and prayers that your Mom will be rid of her nightmares. Just look at Smokey: he is A O.K. and himself again, concentrate on that and go mmmm mmmm mmmm (Oh come on Casper) Oh well, you never know it might help.


Sweet Praline said...

I am so glad all of the wounds are healing. I hope the kitties are comforting you during this time.

Fin said...

Poor Mom - hope you are all better soon.

Lily said...

love it love it bean sey u all as cute but KC well i wont sey so the hut felings

Abby Normal and Stygia said...

We send you lots of *rubs* and Ms. C sends you *hugs* !!

Abby & Stygia

Marilynn said...

We're all so glad you're well on the way to being completely healed and that Smokey is back to his lovey self.


Marilynn, Grace & Company