Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Three-Peet


Fanks fur joining us fur tha
3rd Annual Cinco de Mayo Cellabrashun
in beautiful far West Houston, Texas.

This year, we's haffing a contest, too!
In partnership with Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul
we are offering a $20.00
Care a lot gift card.

Tha Rules:
Open only to those living in tha US (sorry).
Just come party wif us an leaf a comment.
Tomorrow, Thursday, May 6th, we will draw tha lucky winner.

And another contest!
Annofurr commenter will be chosen to receive a FURMINATOR!
Same Rules!

Now, let's PAR*TAY!

Tha mariachi band is tuning up, to gets us in tha spirit.... grab a sombrero...

...and a catnip or tuna meow-garita
... or a tasty shot of Lizquila!
... and a bunch of catnip...

We's gotted lots and lots of good foods on tha grills...
real live dead ham, roast chick-hens, steaks, an fresh fishes!

Back by popular demand from last year, crisp roasted lizards...
crunch, crunch, crunch!
New this year, kitty comfort food aka eel steaks.
Yum yum yum.
By popular request, here's some LIVE eels. Double yum.

An fur dessert, a nice slice of tres leches cake
with a side of crunchy mouse puddin!

As always, there's dancing outside to tha live band...
an a DJ up front if you's purr-furr sumfing a little less traditional.

Stop by the
Taylor CatSSSSS to hear "Pico de Gallo"
by Trout Fishing In America.
It's one of our favorite songs.
Come on, Billy & Faith-Boo, let's see you up and dancing!
Aren't Smokey and Pixel adorable... him was worried about finding hers.

Enjoy conversashun an eats high up in the penthouse patio.
Great view for the Fireworks Extravaganza later tonight.
Lots and lots of trees to climb,
an a specshul nap area way up in tha trees.

This year, we haf added a noo feeture... The Snakey Woods.
It's just what you finks it is!!!
Happy Hunting.

Tha litterboxes are out behind tha trees in a sekluded area.

An of course there be water fountains effurrywhere.

Before you go, take a whack at one of the pinatas.
Ours be specshul fur kitties, wif lots of temptations, fev-ver butt mices,
squiggles, catnip nanners, bunny kickers plus a few surpises.
We's also gotted specshul pinatas fur tha woofies an tha buns & hampsters.

Don't furrget to take a badge back wif you, too.

Fanks so much fur joining me,
We hopes you enjoyed yours self.
Love & Purrs,
Missy Blue Eyes, Faith Boomerang, Smokey, Sol & BJ
The Twenty-Four Voles


Angel and Kirby said...

Ole! This is a great fiesta!

ML said...

I's be bringing tha Voles out later tonight...

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Happy we can't pronounce or spell it day. Looks like it will be a great fiesta.

ML said...

And don't furrget to leaf comments, each comment enters you in ours contest to win a $20 gift certificate, courtesy of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul.
And we may haf a couple of surprise drawings fur fings ourselfs.
Faith Boomerang is really hoping Billy Sweetfeets shows up. Smokey is really hoping the lovely Pixel makes an appearance.
I's finking Jack will probably make it all tha way from tha frozen north.
And I'm sure Casper will be here fur hims Missy Blue Eyes.

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

We are so here!! We just love your Cinco de Mayo Celebrations!! Let the party begin!! Clemmie is so excited as this is her 1st time!! Maverick and I are having a wonderful time!!
Your Austin furiends,

Nikita Cat said...

Yee, Haw!

Can't start a party too early, hee, hee! ;-D

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Is it da fifth yet? Eh, who cares! We'z here to party, party, party! KC, yoo always haf da bestest Sinko da My-oh party on da planet.

ML said...

Hee hee, an I's haf a few surprises, too.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Is this in honor of my wedding? I was married three years ago to Latte as well!

Nikita Cat said...

Where's me a plate?

Let's see, first a glass of the Catnip Margarita, then a little bit of the ham, and chicken, a piece of roast lizard, never had THAT before!

Or the eel for that matter, so I'll grab a bit of that, too!

Need another, Hic, Margarita, to make the unfamiliar foods go down, Hic, bet, um, bet, um, easier!

Now let me go find a spot in a Cat Tree to relax in, and watch the dancing while I eat.

I don't do dancing, myself, I just watch.

Much safer that way! ;-D

♥Da fambly kitties♥ said...

Hand over some of that ham an' 'nip! Let the good times roll!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Sol, thanks very much for the personal invitation to your party; it's so much fun hanging out with you, your siblings and your friends...We are having a great time and are so glad we came and got to see you again, Sol, you handsome boy...What a fun, festive celebration=Happy Cinco de Mayo friends!...Kisses to our special friend, Sol and all his awesome siblings...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Sparkle said...

Wow, I've never had crisp roasted lizards before! Is this a special holiday dish especially for Cinco de Mayo?

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Ole! We are here to party, party, party! This is the very ferst time we have come to this wonderful fiesta and we are very excited!

Zoolatry said...

The ZH read all the way through for us cause we kept saying, "where are the voles... we want voles!!!"...
well, for now the lizards will have to do.

Hats off to the Sherwood Bunch, from Maggy and Zoey

Kea said...

Wow, what a great party! Fiesta!

Being from outside the U.S., our personal assistant had to Google Cinco de Mayo, though, to find out what that was. LOL.

Crisp roasted lizard sounds especially tasty; we can't wait to try 'em!

Thanks for hosting such a pawsome party!

Keiko (from Kitty Trio) said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo! What a great party you have! 5th of May in my country (Japan) is Children's day, and we celebrate the health and long life of all children!
We love all the food and pinatas!

ML said...

OK kitties, tha Voles usually get up about now, give them a few minutes to haf a nice breakfast and the chase is on.
And good news to Vole Von, the lovely Vole Veronika haf accepted hims proposal of marriage.
Iffen you haf never been, there is nuffin like a Vole Wedding. Whoo, can they ever par-tay. Iffen you's lucky, maybe you's get an invite.
But breakfast is on tha barbie as they say somewheres, not Texas.
So wake up sleepy heads, let's get this Big Day started.
First Breakfast, and then some good Vole-chasing.

Daisy said...

This is the best party, ever! Happy Cinco de Mayo to you! Ole!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...


No podemos esperar a unirse a la fiesta!

We have our sombreros on and a glass of tuna meow-garita in our paws!

Oh....what wonderful foods!

Let's dance!!!

Auntie throw the best parties!!!

Love, uSSSSS

Pixel said...

Smokey I am here, and ready to have fun I did bring samba too. WOOO.


Pixel said...

I am looking forward to the fun.

The Creek Cats said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo, furiends! What a pawsome party!!

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

This is one great bash! You realy know how to host a party. Happy Cinco de Mayo day to you!

SuziQCat said...

Fantastic celebration!! Our mom bean is heading out to her favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch today too...she said we could stay all day and party!!!

Cory said...

All us party cats are here and ready to party!!! Woo hoo! We've never tried eel before...

meowers from missouri said...

woot! what fun we're gonna haff today!!

thanks fur all the tasty noms--those skewered lizzerds are the bomb. ed's already figgered out that the sun's ofur the yardarm somewhere, so he's into the blue-fin tuna freezie, an' we'll be parkin' him in a corner before long;-)

igmu apologizes fur haffin' eaten an entire pinata, but he's just that way about paper!! good thing you gots lots of 'em.

super-thanks again, an' feliz cinco de mayo to y'all!!

Marg said...

This is a fantastic party. We are so glad we came. We are having one of each of all those yummy foods you are serving. They are so good. We love meowgaritas.
Happy Party time.

meowmeowmans said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you, too! Wow, this is a really PAWsome party. Thanks for inviting us! We love ham and eel. Yummy!!

Now, where's that pinata ... we gotta go take a little whack at it! :)

ABBY said...


woo hoo let's the fiesta fun begin!!

This is great!


Prince Brutus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Island Cats said...

Hola, mis amigos!! This is a fun Cinco de Mayo fiesta!!! The nip meowgaritas are going down like water, though! We hafta slow it down!

Prince Brutus said...

Right Then! I, well meaning "We" have arrived! So the real par*tay can begin!

Well, speakin' fur meself, I'll take that sombrero far right, next to last. Her Majesty would like the first one and Emo-Mari fancies the mostly black one, to the far right.
WooT WooT! Piñatas!! Im's gonna have a swing at one of 'em once I get me some eats!
Let's see...Barkeep! I'll have a tuna 'rita to start, with a sidecar of lizquila...mmmm, that'll hit the spot! The ladies will have 'nip meowgaritas, no stif sidecars fur them yet! *wink-wink* heap on some 'Nip garnish on all them there drinks, that's it!
We's comin' back fer the chick-hen, but right now, let's have some there crisp roasted lizards! Dang, how I missed them! Ya can't find a decent lizard up there in New Jersey!
HM Emily's ask me to take a swing at the 4th piniata, but later, I'm one Hungry Texas Mancat!
Hmmm, QM has a fancy for one of them there eel steaks, and can that come as a hand roll, Japanese style? She'd much appreciate that.
We'll make our way back for afters, QM likes the tres la leches cake, while my sisfur and I want to dive nose first into that there crunchy mouse puddin'!!

What a great spread, KC and Auntie ML!! We'll go hang with the Sherwood gang...I gotta say howdy to Daddy Charley, and then my boy,, where'd he git to??

Oh you bet yer britches, we'll be stayin' the WHOLE DAY!!!

seee Y'all!!

Then lessee - oooh! We'll do it over again!

T'day, it's just "Bru", "Mari" and "Em" QM whatever you like, but behind her back, she takes offense too easy...Humph, Seniors...

Mo said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
You always throw the best parties for this celly-bration!
Little Isis is in her party sombrero over at Purrchance To Dream and we have a link to your party here!
Hope everyone has smiles at the Sherwood Gang's Party Hut today!
Mo & the Purries

Sammy and Andy said...

Fab party!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikita Cat said...

Meanwhile, off on a branch of a nearby Cat Tree, hours after finishing off 2 plates of food, and 4, count 'em, 4 Margaritas....comes the sounds of a contented, sleeping, Cat....any snoring you might hear is a figment of your imagination, and will be vigorously denied! ;-D

The Meezers or Billy said...

::blushblushblu:: DANCEDANCEDANCE

FAITH BOO!!! This is a fun pawty!!!! Will you dance wif me??? ::BLUSHBLUSHBLUSH::


The Meezers or Billy said...

WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO what a great pawty!!! Can someone help us make shur that Nicky doesn't get into the niptinis???


The Meezers or Billy said...

I's doesn't want a niptini Sammy, I's going to snuggle on MommyML for a while. - Nicky

Jack, Persephone and Tenzing said...

We're here KC! All three of us! Tenzing go race around, there's lots of kitties who will PLAYPLAYPLAY with you! DON'T BITE ANYCAT!!!! Don't lose your sombrero either, if you want to play the Special Game with it!


Happy Cinco de Mayo everycat! I'm going to get a nip-tini! Don't anycat let Tenzing into the adult-cat beverages!


Lookit my Special Sombrero! Anycat wanna play?


Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes! Our furry FURst Cinco De Mayo bash!!! What a fabulous time we are having and those MEOWgaritas are divine! And the foods?!? Heavenly! Thanx SOOO furry much for having us today. We took the badge for our page too! You guys RAWK!!!

Ariba, Ariba!

ML said...

Jack! You're heres!
Oh, this is tha bestest party effurr now.

The Crew said...

Hey, we're here for the big party. Bring on the dancing girls and throw one of those sombreros over here. We'll all stomp on it then we'll head over to the buffet table.

Thanks for inviting us!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty

Marilynn said...

What a wonderful fiesta!! I'll have to wake up my three little jewels and get them to partying!!

ML said...

We wanna see Ruse, Adace and Momma Grace.
Tha Voles will be up from their late morning nap soon and will haf some time to play before thems early afternoon nap.
Look at all the sombreros.
Look at effurryone dancing.
And climbing.
And eating.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! so much food. I don't think we'll eat for days now.
Great Party.

Paws & Whiskers,
Jude,Poo,Babybella,Piper & Marley

Brian said...

Now that's what I call a party!!!

ML said...

It is nap time, I'm sure all of us haf eaten way too much, dranken way too much... we haf nice sky beds up in tha trees (!) and also air-conditioned rooms with lovely soft kitty beds.
Let's nap for a few hours and then get up for more games and some supper, maybe a bit of dancing and then the big Fireworks Extravaganza!
Of course, iffen you's not sleepy, you can go snake hunting, grab more food and drink, see if any of the Voles are up to a run...

pansylovr said...

Uhhh! Our first Fiesta and with all our feline friends...If we start getting silly, someone just tell us to stop our margarita drinking...We have been known to have a bit of a problem with our control around them.

Pass the queso...Mommy wants some!
Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna, in Illinois

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....the sound of The Taylor CatSSSSS who have eaten too much, drunk too much, played too much and are now hanging from the curtain rods with Smokey having a nap.

Tía ML, lo que es una fiesta maravillosa. Gracias por invitarnos! Estamos teniendo un gran momento. Estás tan grande!
amor, noSSSSS

Val said...

We definitely be back later tonight. I just luvs Voles! Yummy!

Gus, Kiefer & Andy

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Ohhhhh - such fun! Thanks for the birthday wishes. The Lady says the tax man is going to buy us a netbook for our birthday, but he hasn't sent the $$$ yet. We're waiting... Anyway, when we get it, we'll be able to post again.

So good to see everybody again!!!

caspersmom said...

Boy, I'm sure glad I transported over earlier. Mom takes so long getting online. I have been having the greatest time with the sweetest girl I know. Missy Blue Eyes. We have been having a ball. And the! the greatest. I'll be ready for the voles later. Come on my sweet lets go do the mexican hat dance. Woo hoo!! Ah yes that nip is the top line stuff.

Ikaika said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all the Sherwood cats and to ML and Daddy Charley, too! Your fiesta -- muy bueno!!!

Cats in Trees said...

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

May 5th is a day of celebration here too, it's Liberation Day.

Nikita Cat said...

Yawwwnnn...I see the party is still going strong. ;-D

I'm going to liberate myslf from my perch here in the Cat Tree, and go home.

I have some blogging to do this evening.

Take care everyone,and thanks to KC & company for hosting! ;-D

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Oh my!! We are having the best time every KC!! You all out did yourself this year!!!!
Purrrs and hugs,
Sam, Clem & Mav

Jack, Persephone and Tenzing said...

Wow! What a great party! Feels good to get away and not have to spend my day defending my turf from the rude orange monster!

OMC! Is that Tenzing asleep???


Anonymous said...

Hi! This is the first Cinco de Mayo party we have been too! The food smells really yummy, but first a Margarita!

caspersmom said...

It sure looks like Billy Sweetfeets and FaithBoo are having a great time. So glad they are getting along so well even though there is still "blush blush" going on. Missy and I going out with them was fun.

Loves Ya Missy,

Katnip Lounge said...

the Lounge Kats are in tha house! We're going straight for the eels, we've never had those before! We brought lizard pate to eat with toasted birdy feets. ::wades into the crowd::

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Queremos perseguir a los Voles!!!! Es mejor correr rápido!

Yippe para tía ML!

¡Te queremos!

Derby, Ducky said...

Ole! Hola! What a great party, KC and company. Just a great time, good friends and good foods.

ML said...

OK, it is almost time fur tha Fireworks Extravaganza!
Begins promptly at 9 pm Central Time. Scurry up into tha tallest trees.
For those of you who don't scurry, we's got a neat balcony overlooking the river.
And there are elly-vators for those who don't climb... or who are just too tired to climb.
Let's grab a drink and some nip and sit back and prepare to watch some grrreat fireworks.

caspersmom said...

Wha Hoo. Fireworks just started. How so pretty they are. Missy's Blue Eyes are prettier though. It's been so fun partying with everyone. KC you sure can throw a great party. After fireworks it's time to get cozy with my sweetheart.

Love You Missy,

Sweet Praline said...

Whew! I almost didn't make it in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with you.

Furkidsmom said...

Wow this is a pawsome celebration. We love Cinco de Mayo. Those crunchy lizards are nommy and we're laffin at Mom who almost freaked by the live eels! This is soooo much fun!! Hey Tamir...stop swinging that sombrero......

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Jack, Persephone and Tenzing said...


Hey, this drink somecat left here smells like nip! ::laplaplap:: head feels funny....


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