Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodie Box for Auntie JudiBug - 3/3/2012

Did I tell you about the big goodie box mailed for Judi from Deb & I on behalf of the entire Cat Blogosphere?
I'll have the photos of most of the items later for everyone to see... except of course Ms. LadyBug herself.
1. If you remember the beautiful amethyst crosses KC auctioned to raise vet bill $$$, she really wanted one.
I finally found another. It is large, about 2" including bail. Maybe a bit more than that.
And I know she has a hard time not sharing with her daughter and two granddaughters, so I included three more crosses for them!!! So they can keep their paws off her stuff!
2. A labradorite cross. Labradorite is one of my favorite stones. It appears a deep green with flashes of vivid intense blue, red and yellow. Coloration varies depending on where it was mined. It is a very soothing and magical stone.
3. To go with both crosses, since I am matchy-matchy, I found a perfect pair of earrings with both the amethyst and labradorite gems.
4. Another pendant, a square of labradorite and a faceted amethyst.
5. A pair of solid sterling enameled lady bug earrings.
6. A pretty purple satin drawstring jewelry bag with beautiful green and violet embrodiered flowers to hold everything.
7. A pair of ladybug pj's with capri pants and a white top... they are called Love Bugs and are white with red and black ladybug and heart design. I hope they fit her, I purchased an XL. Hopefully she will be gaining weight and fit in them. They are cotton, too, so they should shrink.
8. Let's see, a huge ladybug! Yup, a big stuffed ladybug to cuddle with. It rode in the kid seat of my cart while I finished shopping.
9. Plus a smaller ladybug plush bag, with a roomy zip open compartment in the back. It has a clip on the front to hold a message or clip to something. Really cute.
10. A reproduction of a volume of the Psalms of David from the 30's (I think) hand drawn and lettered by a hubby for his wife. It is a beautiful book.
11. A jar of natural peppermint skin cream, with no additives and matching powder. Peppermint so soothing when I have these migraines, especially the ones with nausea, I hope it helps her.
12. A roll-on tube of essential oils blended for headache, general pain, to use on the temples, neck, just wherever something aches or hurts. Also soothes nausea. I use this a lot, but have since formulated my own blend that I like even more.
13. A beautiful bookmark with a very inspiring Biblical quote.
14. A red pashmina to match her ladybug items.
15. A frame with mat that is illustrated in lovely pastels, and has the quote, "This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it". She can put Shelly, her kids, whoever she wants in the frame.
16. A 16-Gigabyte portable thumb drive, she had asked for something small for her Photoshop work.
17. Ladybug socks in black with red and white woven bugs!
18. A cute Silly Snake, 2-feet of pure cotton snake for SASS in spring green gingham and a couple of catnip fishes.
19. Two ceramic kitties for her collection.
20. The Cat Butts Mini-Kit, hopefully will bring a smile to her face.
21. Large red heart plush pillow with secret pocket.
I was up all night with another migraine, but did take pictures of everything because I wanted everyone to be able to share what JudiBug got.
I know how important getting cards and contact from others is when you are ill.
JudiBug has been so selfless, working so hard for all of us with the hattings and helping us with our blogs.
Rather like someone else I know who unselfishly makes graphics for everyone. Who could that be, hmmmm!
The CB is just the best group of people I know.
I told Ann the other day, I wish we could form our own country.
Then we really could elect Harry Spotter for president!

How the box will look when she opens it....

All the items stacked and ready to pack.

My tireless helper!

The little ladybug zip tote. He's holding the ladybug earrings in his left paw...

And a note in his right paw. 
It unfolds to say from The CB with Love!

The cute ladybug earrings.

Soothing all natural toiletries that help with pain management and nausea.

Picture frame with Bible quote, "This is the day that the Lord has made..."

Random pages from The Psalms of David.

White cat ornaments (porcelain, made by Dusty Rose) and the Cat Butts Mini-Kit!

Really nice hand-made bookmark with Bible quote.

 The cover of the book, "The Psalms of David".

 Crosses for Judi's daughter and two grand daughters, so they will leave hers alone!

 The jewelry: faceted amethyst cross, labradorite cross, coordinating earrings and pendant.
I think this is a really cool set.

 Another view of the jewelry showing the little drawstring case it comes in.

SASS stuff... a silly snake (she needs to clip the beady eyes and tongue off), catnip fishies, and Pixel's Mom's fantastic recycled toys.

 Judi had asked about a tiny jump drive, this one holds quite a bit.

Cute ladybug socks!

 Love these pj's or lounge outfit!

 Back view of the bugs and heart!

 And finally, a front view of some of the items.

I hope she loves all this as much as I did putting it together for her.
I am sending her so many prayers and
the kitties are purring for her.

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Zoolatry said...

Fabulous ... and so thoughtful, you put together an amazing gift box for her!