Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fankful Friday

Missy is still taking care of me, just the two of us.
Missy is performing her Clown routine, isn't she clever?

Haven't been able to get as much rest as I wanted,
Daddy Charley fell last Saturday and hurt something in his rib area.
He won't go to the doctor and is worried about hurting it more.

Tomorrow I'll go for the MRI, a bit nervous,
I've never had one before.
Everyone says to ask for ear plugs!!!
Maybe they can look at my head and neck area and 
figure out what is causing these severe migraines.
And make this back pain go away.

This is what Missy -- and I -- try to do most of the time.
The pots behind her are grass and catnip.
She is one spoiled cat.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Sparkle said...

Sending purrs and good thoughts for your MRI tomorrow!

Angel and Kirby said...

Good luck with the MRI. We will purr for Daddy Charley

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Purrs for all of you.

Peggy's Place said...

Purring for you tomorrow. With every loud thunk you hear tomorrow, think of it as a tiny step closer to the end of your migraines :)

Catsparella said...

Sending positive purrs and vibes your way for your MRI tomorrow! Good luck, and try to have a nice weekend!

Chesney Cats said...

Hope the MRI shows what the problem is so they can fix it. Mama had an MRI a few years ago but it was on her knee. The lady gave her a set of headphones & she listened to music. What she could hear of it anyway...that machine IS really loud!

We'll be purring for you & Daddy Charley, sending lots of love & hugs too!!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Sending purrs for the MRI. Mom said not to worry too much 'cos she has had way too many MRIs herself (due to having bone cancer diagnosed in 1995) and she said they are boring and a bit noisy but OK!

Happy Easter dear friends!
Love Milo and Alfie xx

Kea said...

Oh, gees, we're sorry Daddy Charley fell and hurt himself! We hope he's better today, are sending you both purrs. Paws crossed for the MRI. Update us if you can.

We wish you a happy Easter, amid the medical appointments!

-Fuzzy Tales

Everycat said...

When our ape had a long MRI, the docs told her to bring in a cd of favourite music to listen to whilst the MRI happened. Makes the time go quicker and helps to drown out the noise. Maybe you could do this?

We will be sending large rumbly purrs to you for tomorrow and hope the docs can help you.

Whicky Wuudler
& Gerry

Katnip Lounge said...

We're purring for you and Daddy Charley! Missy is not spoiled at ALL.

btw--we forgot to tell you the toys came and we're having a riot! The two-ball track game is FUN!!! And loud, hee hee.

MoMo said...

Purrs to you and Daddy Charley. Hope all goes well. Missy is one gorgeous lady cat!

Anonymous said...

Praying here for you all to get well. Wishing your mom all the best with the MRI. Hugs and nose kisses

Rose and the Royals said...

Praying the MRI is All Good News - well, that came out wrong...I mean the bad" news will link directly to "good" news and permanent Migraine relief!
Hoping Daddy Charles feels better quickly also.


Rose and the Royals

Pierro said...

We are purring for you. MRI is not too bad. Yes, the clunking is loud but just don't move. Think of something happy or design a garden in your head. Mom has had one and she says it was not bad, but the xray guy was playing Frankie Sinatra nice and loud and that was great :-)

bonks to you Missie. You and I would make a good clown team. I like to pose like that.

I hope Charlie is feeling better, or going to the doc just for a look see. It could just be a rib contusion or costochondritis. Ice is good for a day, then start with some warm packs.

bonks and bronkies to all of you this blessed Easter week-end

Brian said...

We'll have our paws crossed for you! My Dad said the MRI isn't too bad, sounds like a slow roller coaster on steriods. Just keep thinking of that beautiful clown face and time will go quickly!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Ouch, between you and daddy Charley, the kitties have some nursing duties. So if Missy is taking care of you, the rest of the crew must be taking care of daddy Charley?

We are all hopeful you will get good news after your MRI tomorrow so the migraines will stop and you can get rid of the back pain.

Repositório said...

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter. Good look to your mommy with the MRI.

Ginger Jasper said...

Purring loudly for yopu all so much. I hope the MRI goes well and that daddy Charlie feels better soon. HUgs GJ x

Marg said...

We are thinking about you for tomorrow and hope they find out the reason for the Migrain headaches. Good luck with the MRI. Sending lots of purrs and the donkeys are crossing their hooves for ya. We sure hope that Daddy Charlie feels better and isn't hurt too badly. Take care.