Saturday, June 04, 2011

Review - WBCL Multiple Cats, Natural Scent - The Sherwood Bunch

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We received a free bag of World's Best Cat Litter Scented Multiple Cat Formula to review.
This is like the original WBCL that we have used and loved for the past years,
but made to handle multiple cats and lightly scented with natural lavendar oil.
With six cats, they sent this to the right place!

Why We Use WBCL
The minute one of my kitties goes to the litterbox, WBCL provides a safe, clean environment for all 24 of their precious little paws. There are no chemicals to pollute the air inside our home or for them to ingest during grooming. Once they have done their business, the fast-clumping litter traps it to keep the surrounding air fresh and makes scooping easy. Since my kitties really enjoy digging in this litter, they bury everything. And we are purchasing a product that is biodegradable and renewable.

 Our Review
After opening the bag, the first thing I noticed is the color is a bit darker and it seemed a tiny bit coarser than the original product.
The lavendar scent is very subtle and comes from essential oils, not synthetics. It is not an overwhelming fragrance, either.
As always, once the litter boxes are clean and filled with fresh litter, the kitties love to "play", digging and re-arranging the new litter to their liking before use.
I filled a favorite litter box with the new litter and they played in it as they always do.
It was side-by-side another litter box with the original formula WBCL.
All in all, the new Multiple Cats Scented Litter proved to be very effective at both clumping and odor control. We will purchase this when available at our local shops.

The QA Team* Score
WBCL Multiple Cats, Natural Scent = 6 paws up (their highest score)!

*Quality Assurance Team: KC, Faith Boomerang, Missy Blue Eyes, Sol, Smokey, Brutus Jr.


For a limited time, get a free 7 or 8 pound bag of WBCL

World’s Best Cat Litter™ is celebrating the launch of this all-natural Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula by hosting The Sensible Feline — a collection of several cat-care products that prove you don’t have to sacrifice performance to be eco-friendly. You can win one of each in the Sensible Feline prize-pack! Enter today!


3 kats and a kwiltr said...

Excellent review and very thorough...Will tell mommy to pick up some for us to try.
Thanks for the review.
Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna, in Illinois

Nikita & Elvira said...

Well, Shit! This review sure didn't stink up the place, that's for sure! ;-D

Obviously no-one was at all pussed off. ;-D

RE: kitties always have to go in and "play", digging and re-arranging it to their liking before use.
I placed it in one of their favorite litter boxes and they played in it as they always do....

Is this re-arrainging done as a group project, thus meeting everyone's satisfaction, or do they go in & play one at a time over an hour, until last in is the way it will be?

Enquiring minds want to know! ;-D

Nikita Cat


This litter sounds interesting.

Even for just a 2 Cat house.

Daddy alwasy has gotttn the house brand at Petco, due to the amound you can get for cheap refills of the very large plastic container.

However, because of how I, Miss Dainty Pooer, have a habit of making one particulary, um, interesting, present, in the same corner of the same litter box, every day, that doesn't get sufficiently covered...Daddy gets cranky cleaning the Box each day. ;-D

Part of the problem may be Nikita likes this box, too, more than the one in the other room with a lid. ;-D

So, genius that Daddy is, Daddy is gonna test a theory, and get rid of that lid, and see if between the 2 of of we can't more, um, evenly distribute our presents. ;-D

Elvira Mistres of Pussydom

Sharer of waaaayyy too much information! ;-D

Brian said...

We use that here too, except the green bag. You sure did a mighty fine review!!!

Mr Puddy said...

I think your reviews will make a new trend to use the litter : )

Repositório said...

Thanks for the review!!!

The Island Cats said...

Good review! When we tried WBCL, we didn't like it which really disappointed our mom because she thinks WBCL is really good stuff. Maybe we'll give it a try again someday.

Au and Target said...

We pee in the ferns, but this stuff sounds good too....

The Chair Speaks said...

Wow, approved by 24 paws down!
We don't use any litter. Our human taught us not to use it because some of us send litter flying all over especially Kenggy when she climbs in and out. A special tiled toilet was construction where our human could hose and wash our wastes that drains direct to the sewage much like the human type.

Flock O' Fuzzies said...

We're always looking for good litter, especially with all of the fuzzies in our house. Maybe we'll get the Mommy to get it for us.