Thursday, July 28, 2011

Purrs Needed for Mommy ML

Mine Mommy ML is home again.
Hers gotted a tetnus shot and some Auntie Biotic pills and shots.
Tha doktor said tha infekshun could be going into the tendons and bones in hers hand.
Then hers would need surjery to get it out.
So hers haf to keep it elevated and try not to use it!
Iffen its not looking better in a few days, hers haf to go back fur more Auntie Biotic.
So keep them purrs coming... they are working so good!!!
And maybe send a purr or two towards Missy Blue Eyes, that she will stop biting the hand that feeds her!!!!

Remember back on July 12th, when Missy bited Mommy ML really hard
So hard hers gotted hers toof stuck in Mommy's hand?
Well, Mommy ML's hand is still swollen terribly big, huge. 
And it's hurty and red and hot.
So hers going to tha doktor today and see if he can make it all better.
Please send some purrs and grrrssss that it be okay.
They see tha specialist at 10:30 a.m. eastern time cause Spats has fluid on hers heart and lungs. 
Send purrs that it is just an infekshun and not "C" or heart trouble.
And please, some more purrs fur Ayla and TBT, they haf been thru so much lately.
Fanks in advance,
Love & Purrs,


Sweet Purrfections and Angel Praline said...

No wonder I haven't been able to reach any of you. I'm praying really hard my friends and for KC and Spats to get better.

Mom Paula

Marilynn said...

Our purrs and prayers are on the way ... for all of you. How awful that so many different friends and loved ones are having SUCH a bad time of it. Prayers for quick and complete healing to all ...

Love, Grace & Company

Shawn said...

Purrs and purrayers from Chloe and Cecil,
Tail wags and crossed paws from Winston

I will keep you in my prayers! Too much to go through at one time and I am praying you have a better day.


Random Felines said...

Ouch - and purrs to everyone in these tough times!!

The Tower Hill Mob said...

Purrs and prayers for all who need them!
Take care and stay cool!
Toby, Cupcake and Mum

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Marg said...

ML, the donkeys are crossing their hooves really hard for you and you hand to get all better quickly. We are sending purrs too. We are hoping Spats will be all right too and Ayla too. Take care all of you. Hope KC is better too.

Prancer Pie said...

We agree so many of our good furriends need our purrs right now. We hope ML's doctor makes her better very, very soon. Big purrs being sent out. xoxo

Angel and Kirby said...

WE are revving up the Texas purrs.

The Meezers or Billy said...

we is purrrring extra speshul hard for you MommyML!!!

Eric and Flynn said...

We are sending purrs for your hand to be better ML, and purrs for Ayla and Spats too.

Eric and Flynn said...

How did we miss that update??? It must have gone up when we were doing our comment. We are glad ML has had a shot and hope it makes her better along with the antibiotics.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon and rest your arm/hand!!!
Marian in Houston

SAS....Sammy, Andy and Shelly said...

We are sending megapurrayers for all mentioned.....and megalove for all.

Fuzzy Tales said...

We're sending mega-watt purrs and purrayers to you all, crossing our paws that everyone will be okay. Enough is enough now -- we want everyone to be healthy!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We are purring our biggest bestest purrs for all of you.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Marg said...

OK,Donkeys are crossing their cute hooves even harder. Keep that hand up.

Ginger Jasper said...

You have my loudest purrs and mummy sends much love and hopes that it wont come to surgery.. Help mummy to rest that arm please.. Hugs GJ xx

Brian said...

My sisters and I are all sending purrs and prayes your way!

Karen said...

purrs and prayers heading your way for a quick recovery ad mo surgery

Pixel and Samba

ABBY said...

Many purrs and purrayers coming your Way ML!


Forty Paws said...

Oh my goodness! We know how difficult a cat bite can be! Orinch bit Maw while she was brushing him, and she went to the doctor the next day. It was so swollen and the red was going up her arm. The doctor said if she hadn't come in to see him then, she would have been in the emergency room over the weekend because of blood poisoning! So, it's amazing that you waited this long to see the doctor!!!! We are hoping that the antibiotics fix you up very quickly!!! And that you don't need surgery!

Hugs, purrs, purrayers and many warming lights coming your way.

Luf, Us and Maw

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

Crossed paws and purrs for healing. We could use some here too. Our Domino abscess from a bite went right down to the bone and still on antibiotics after six weeks. Antibiotics can upset the tummy so we also give a probiotic.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

oh oh oh noooooo we are so sorry to hear that our beloved ML is still so hurty....darn those saber tooth tiger kitties!
We love you and care so very muchhhhhhhhhhh
your devoted cozy cottagers


We're glad Mommy ML is home again and we're purring that Auntie Biotic does her job.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Rose and the Royals said...

We add our purrs and prayers that the course of Antie Biotiks will heel the nasty infection, and that no surgery will be needed. QM is quite upset at this news. Do follow Doctor's orders and heal quickly.

Much Love,
Rose and the Novena-Praying Royals

Daisy said...

Harley and I are going to link paws and send our very, very best purrs!

Sparkle said...

ML, we are sending you lots of healing purrs from here in southern California!!

momsbusy said...

please tell kc not to bite you anymore ml. we have been told that if a pet bites you 3 times (where medical attention is needed) then they must be PTS. not sure if this is a local or state thing. we will be saying special purrayers for you ml.

Anonymous said...

We will continue prayers for your hand and will be praying for all the others. Hope healing comes quickly for all. Hugs and nose kisses

Mr Puddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr Puddy said...

Lots of purrs and prayers from me and my mom

Clooney said...

Oh we are sending Mom ML our biggest and best purrs and prayers for complete healing and recovery ASAP! I send some of my special Stuffed Animal cuddles to Mom ML too! And purrs to KC to breathe with ease.

Luv Cloon

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Lots of purrrs and extra big healing prayers for Mommy ML to heal up quickly!! And purrrs and prayers for Missy, too!
((((((((BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL))))))!!!
Your Austin furiends,

Frostin said...

We're all sending bunches of purrs and purrayers, that your Mommy ML's hand gets better and that all sick kitty's get better too. We also hope that Missy gets that biting thing out of her system. Love nibbles are OK, but bites that cause bad ouchies for our humans are not.

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Oh dear..we hope you can get the infection cleared up with antibiotics. Our Mom got an infection in her fingers and it took a long time to clear up but it did on lots of strong antibiotics. Sending purrs.

Ikaika said...

Oh, dear! Healing purrs for ML continuing big time! We know how serious this can be. Our human male was bitten by our Miss Kitty once when she was very scared and his hand got all swollen and red, too. Her fangs puncture his and to the bone and hit a nerve. Lots of pain! We will also purr for Missy to be a calmer kitty.

Freya's Staff said...

Goodness me! What a shock!

We're all very sorry to hear you STILL have a hurty hand Dearest Mom ML!

We'll all link paws and purr for healing in your hand!


Derby, Ducky said...

You tell your mum to take it easy. We know we all use the CB spot for new, but keep it simple so your mum can keep her hand all rested.