Saturday, May 19, 2007

Auctions for TeaCup #2

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Due to several items having no bids, auction will be extended until Midnight tonight (CT).
There are no starting bids, so you can get a real good buy and help TeaCup's family pay off his final expenses.
#1 - Two Yards VIP Cranston Kitties, Baskets & Yarn
This fabric coordinates perfectly with #2.
This depicts the kittens, fabric #2 shows the grown up cats.
#2 - One Yard VIP Cranston Cats, Baskets & Yarn
#3 - Quilters Cat Fabric - 2 FQs, Coordinating 4" squares
#4 - Cranston Stuffed Kitty Cats Kits, 1 each grey and orange
Each kit makes a 3-D large stuffed kitty
#5 - Little Quilts Designs Create-a-Little Quilt (Set of two)
(Really cute, makes front and back of a kitty-sized quilt plus decorations)
#6 - Two zip top bags made of Cranston Border Kittens & Yarn (contrast print lining)

Auctions will end Saturday at MIDNIGHT Central time.
Keep in mind that all proceeds go to Mom Megan to pay TeaCups final vet expenses, which included ten days in KICU.
Megan has a Paypal account or you can send her a check, money order, etc.
Click to biggify the pictures for details.

Check out Lisa's gorgeous handcrafted jewelry auctions and DKM's breathtaking Spicy Vixen blanket (caliente!).
Remember - even if you only have a dollar or two, hit the Lilly-Lu or Teacup donation - it will really help!
And finally, thanks for looking and bidding.


jcfloresinc said...

We will bid $12.00 for Number six. Mom has a blanket with that pattern.
Be blessed,
Samantha, Tigger and Mom

momsbusy said...

we likes number 3 the quilters fabric. we bid $10

yuki & kimiko

William said...

Uh oh, cat fight! We like number 3 too! We'll bid $20.

Marilynn said...

I'll bid $20 on #6. Maybe Grr's mom will want to bid on these, too!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

$25.00 for #6

Anonymous said...

I do not know how to sew at all, can barely thread a needle. So I can only bid on the zip top bags. Sooooooo, I'll bid $30 for #6.
Barbie-Lou & Taylor & Clay

Rhonda said...

I will bid $10.00 on #5.