Monday, June 04, 2007



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The Feline Sextet wrote: We just wanted to say that we's added the free artsy catsy piccie to our blog and made a post about them, we hope they can get fur-ree soon! T.F.S.
Thanks fur tha grrrr-eat idea, TFS!
Missy & I's decided to do tha same... feel free to borrow tha grafiks or even tha whole post!
'n don't furr-get to email blogger in protest.
Purrs, KC


OreotheCat said...

yeps a real piggie!
and if he doesnt gets better, we can save him some ham! hope to see u there lil KC, ive been wanting to meet u!

Merlin said...

furry good idea, KC. We will borrow your post for our bloggie too!