Monday, May 05, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Wow, fanks, Asta.


Hi effurrycat, fanks fur joining us fur our Cinco de Mayo
cellabrashun here in beautiful Houston Texas.
We's got a mariachi band playing, to gets us in tha spirit.... grab a sombrero...

...and a catnip or tuna meow-garita.
We's gotted lots and lots of good foods cooked...
ham, roast chick-hens, steaks an fresh fish!

You can dance by tha band,
eat and drink and talk here on tha open air patio,
or climb some of tha big trees in tha pine forest behind us...
there's litterboxes to tha left (behind tha band)...
and pure water fountains all around!

Before you go, take a whack at a huge pinata.
You's hit it wif a big stick, blindfolded, until it breaks open.
And what's inside, you's asking?
Effurrycat's dreams: temptations, fev-ver butt mices,
squiggles, catnip nanners, bunny kickers plus a few surpises.
Take all you want home wif you.

Fanks so much fur joining us,
Missy Blue Eyes, KC, Faith-Boo, Smokey, Sol & BJ


DK, Fiona & Orlando said...

Hola! We are all here!

MoMo said...

WooHoo! We just finished cruising the Bay of Mexico and guess what, another party!!! At this rate I may as well just stay and become an American kitty. Bye, SS, look after yourself!!!!

The Cat Realm said...

I can not believe that we totally forgot Cinco de Mayo..... How embarrassing - we do live in Tucson, and e totally forgot about it!!!!
Good thing you did not!!! So let's PARTY!!!!! It seems that is ALL we do lately....... As Momo said - we just cruised and now we are partying. Again. Hahahahahahahahahaha
Thanks for the entertainment!!!!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Woohoo! What a great party!

And it's an anniversary for Latte and me!!!!

MoMo said...

Niptini, lizquilla, one for you, one for me, one for efurrybuddy!!!! And then another round! Karl, you there still? Get the rest of the crew from the cruise - tell them they can't go home yet, there's another party. If their moms ask, just say they were sea sick.

Niptini, lizquilla, one for you, one for me, one for efurrybuddy.........

ML said...

Momo, pass tha lizquilla, that be delish... anybody want more niptini's? don't furrget to try tha blue fin tuna-tini's, they's got a bite. hee hee.
So glad you all stopped by, jus stay as long as you like, it's only a few miles to Galveston Bay from our house...
hat dance, anybody?

The Cat Realm said...

I guess the cruise is going to swing by here - we spread the word - right Momo???
My post comes up on midnight Pacific, telling everybody that the party is HERE, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

PAWTAY! Woohoo! Yeah, it's beginning to look like dat is all we do but we all work hard at caring fur our beans and looking after each other, we deserve to let loose and whoope it up once in awhile. Hey Zippy, don't chug dem niptinis!

ML said...

KC ran to the market to get shrimp, the fireworks are starting now.
I must warn you, firing your guns into the air is strictly prohibited inside the city limits, and we are a few feet inside.
Wow... did you see that one.... the fireworks get better every year...


MoMo said...

We dooooo, Zippy, Sadie and Speedy??? SS begs to differ.

ML said...

Missy: It looks like Zippy might be claiming that Cinco de Mayo Drinking Champ tee shirt tomorrow...

MoMo said...

Love fireworks - a bit noisy - the doggies get scared.

Have some more lizquilla!

ML said...

:: waving paw at band ::
play louder, okay, the noise is scaring the woofies....

Sol, would you pass around more niptini's, please, dear.

ML said...

Faith-Boo: I's gonna go dance on tha table....
:: climbs up on large table and starts twirling and spinning to the music ::

KC returns with lots and lots of yummy shrimp, which is placed on the grill.

KC: Move over, F-Boo, i's joining you on tha table....

MoMo said...

Let's get some yummy shrimps first, you know what they say about drinking on empty stomach.

Whikle we are waiting, let's get up on the table and dance.

:swinging furry butt around:

ML said...

:: singing loudly ::
yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi,
la cucaracha,
la cucaracha.
yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi...

Fiona Bun said...

Time to sing!

De la Sierra Morena,
Cielito lindo, vienen bajando
Un par de ojitos negros,
Cielito lindo, de contrabando.

Ay, ay, ay, ay,
Canta y no llores,
Porque cantando se alegran,
Cielito lindo, los corazones.

Pajaro que abandona,
Cielito lindo, su primer nido,
Si lo encuentra ocupado,
Cielito lindo, bien merecido.

Ese lunar que tienes,
Cielito lindo, junto a la boca,
No se lo des a nadie,
Cielito lindo que a mi me toca.

Ay, ay, ay, ay,
Canta y no llores,
Porque cantando se alegran,
Cielito lindo, los corazones.

ML said...

:: All the Sherwood bunch is up dancing and clapping ::

ML said...

KC [clapping]: Furry good, Fiona, you haf a lovely voice.

Samantha & Tigger said...

Yay another party!! I'll try the tuna meow-garita (Mr. Tigger) I want a catnip one! (Sam) Happy Cinco de Mayo Everyone!!

ML said...

KC: Two meow-garitas, coming right up... one blue fin toona, one catnip... and you must try tha lizquilla!

Shrimps ready, effurryone!

MoMo said...


ML said...

Missy: I must say, Momo, that lizquilla is gery vood... um, hee hee, I mean, it's very good. Oh my.

MoMo said...

Yep, Missy, efurrybuddy said so at Karl's blogoversary party. So he made lots more to take to the cruise. Plenty more on the boat, so drink up!

ML said...

Missy: Don't mind if I do.
:: raises voice ::
If anyone is tired and wants a rest, the guest rooms are on the right. There's plenty of rooms and lots of soft beds.
We'll be partying all day tomorrow, as is the custom here, until midnight tomorrow night.
:: sits down with another glass of lizquilla ::

MoMo said...

Good idea - perhaps I will take a nap and freshen up. Pretty long day I have had on the cruise.

MoMo said...

Help yourselves to the lizquilla, efurryone

:waving glass and toddle off to the guest room:

ML said...

Sherwood bunch: nite, nite, Momo, haf a good rest.

Missy: come on Sol, BJ, Smokey and Faith-Boo, it's time for you to get some rest, too. It's going to be a busy, fun day tomorrow and you want to be fresh.

ML said...

KC: i's gonna sit outside fur a bit longer, Missy, you goes ahead an put tha kittens to bed.
Maybe someone else will stop by...
:: eyes closing sleepily ::

Missy: well, if they do, there's plenty of food and things to do till we get up. You best get some rest, KC, dear.

Kimo & Sabi said...

Woooo Hooooo! Now THIS is a PAR-TAY!

Karen Jo said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo! What a great party you have going! :)

The Meezers said...

YAY!! We is here!!! Billy wants to play wif the boyz and we are gonna hit the meowgaritas. Fanks for the great party Missy and KC!!

Parker said...

Hola! Let's party! Thanks for the invite - I'm going to have a dance and a drinky!

goldenshade said...

I am sooo happy to be attending a cat party! There has been bean parties here all weekend. The wee bean turns three today so I am going to celebrate~ cat style!!!!

MMMM, those slushes look good, I am a bit parched from the trip.


Alasandra said...

Gosh you take a cat nap on a cruise with Charlie and you wake up at a Cinco de Mayo party.

Great party!!!!! ~Charybdis

I'll have a lizquilla, please. Want to dance with me MoMo? ~Socks

Dancing!!!! food!!! this is great ~Scylla

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

"Cinco de Mayo commemorates the victory of a Mexican army over a French army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The Mexican army, led by General Ignacio
Zaragoza, won the battle even though the French force was better armed and three times as large. The battle occurred after Emperor Napoleon III of France sent troops
to Mexico to conquer the country. Despite the Mexican victory at Puebla, the French later gained control of Mexico City and established a French-supported government there. In 1866 and 1867, however, France withdrew its troops from Mexico because of resistance by many Mexicans and pressure from the United States.
The French-backed government soon fell. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated differently in different areas. For example, in Mexico, it may be observed with parades,festivals, music, and dancing. In the United States, celebrations often include
parades, folk dancing, speeches, carnival rides, and Mexican music."

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Way down, South of the border
Way down, Mexico way
They’re having a big celebration
It’s on the 5th of May.

You can hear the castanets, they’re playing.
You can hear maracas keep the beat.
You can hear the guitars wildly playing.
You can watch them dancing in the street.

Oh, Cinco de Mayo.
It’s a Mexican holiday.
Oh, Cinco de Mayo.
It’s the 5th of May.

It’s a time to celebrate freedom.
It’s a time for independence too.
It’s a time to remember heroes.
It’s a time of pride for Mexico.

Oh, Cinco de Mayo.
It’s a Mexican holiday.
Oh, Cinco de Mayo.
It’s the 5th of May.

It’s the 5th of May.


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Okay, enough with the history...ON WITH THE PARTY. PASS THE MEOWGARITAS. We know it's eary....who cares!



Pixel said...


Pixel said...

Pixel: What a great party, thanks for inviting us

Samba: Ohh Look at all the toys playtime and lots of cats. Tries to run off but Pixel holds him

Pixel: Use your mannor before running off

Samba: Thanks you furry much for invitng us.

Sassy Kat said...

Just found out that you were having a Cinco De Mayo party at your place today and thought we would stop by. The food is great and that pinata game, well I didn't have any luck hitting it. We really liked the sombreros and was wondering if we got to take them home or if we just wore it for the party? Great to meet you and so fun to see some of our friends here too. I brought Opus and Roscoe with me today as their mom is busy and could not get them to the parties.
Sassy, Opus & Roscoe.

ML said...

KC: Effurrybody gets to choose an take home a sombrero. So pick yours favorite an dance, dance, dance.
:: twirling ::
We's got our breakfast chef (aka Mommie ML) up an ready to take yours breakfast orders. O, an there's a salad bar for the buns. Momo broughted some lizquilla that is grrreat.
Tha band is up early an playing, and we's got plenty of castanets an maracas to go around.
There's a big ole playground back in tha forest for tha young uns, an tha guest quarters if anycat gets tired an wants a cat nap.

HotMBC said...

Oh wow, you guys put on one heck of a party! Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Oh that ham and steak looks good. mmmmmm Fanks!

Mo said...

Feliz Cinco de Mayo
from all of us purries to
the whole Sherwood gang!
Daphne, Chloe, Spooker, Little Isis, Jazper, and Not The Mama

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

We're back for more fun! FIESTA!!! We want to take a whack at that pinata! WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK...FIVE for each Taylor CatSSSSS! Did we break it open?

Sassy: Sol, do you wanna dance?
Spats: Smokey, how about you?
Summer: BJ???
Seaborne: KC???
Sam: I gets Faith & Missy...hee hee!!!



The Cat Realm said...

That Lizquila seems to be a real hit - I will send a case to the Cat Blogosphere for future events, hahahahahahahaha!
Fiona Bun and Taylor Catsssss - beautiful songs!
Now give me FOOD! Maybe a steak with some nip.....
Will there be mariachis???
Ola! Let's party!

ML said...

Tha band is getting tuned up an ready to play some more. Effurrybody, we's got a pinata playground at the front of tha forest, there's plenty of pinatas fur effurrycat to haf one.
Tha chef haf breakfast steaks cookin, an whatever you want...
Karl, tha Lizquilla is fantastic, goes well wif steak an eggs. Yum.
Don't furrget yours sombreros, castanets an maracas fur dancing an music-making affer you eats.
:: starts singing ::
... You can watch them dancing in the street.
Oh, Cinco de Mayo...
It’s a Mexican holiday... Ole!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

¡Cinco de Mayo feliz! What a great party! You all did a great job.

I can't wait to take a swing at that pinata...all those treatsies falling to the floor like angel dust. mmmmm

I'm headed to the bar. Can I get anyone a Niptini or lizquilla?

PB & J said...

Wow Wee - what a party you guys! The catnip Meow-garitas are excellent. Anyone up for dancing?!

Anonymous said...

Buenos dias los gatos (or something like that). Nicky is El Gatito Perfecto so I should leave the Spanish to him.

Gonna go get a meow-garita now and you'll probably hear from me later.

Asta said...

Hello Sherwood Bunch
I stopped by to wish you a vewy happy Cinco de Mayo

I bwought an extwa pinata and some mowe dwinks and some shwimps cooked in tequila..I hope evewyone likes it

thank you fow the pawty(don't be scawed of me..I'm a vewy fwiendly doggie)
smoochie kisses

Artsy Catsy said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everykitty, and what a great party - thanks for inviting us! We're gonna take lots of whacks at that pinata because it kinda looks like those race horses our mom left us to go bet on this last weekend!

Rocky, Fracas
& the whole Artsy Catsy crew

Anonymous said...

Happy Cinco de mayo everyone :)

Mr. Echo said...

¡Gracias por invitarme a su partido de Cinco De Mayo! Espero que yo no comiera demasiado. He tenido muy hambre últimamente como mi gente tiene dejó nuestro cubo del alimento ir vacío. ¡Usted pudo haber ahorrado la vida de este gato siamés!

China Cat said...

Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

What a terrific day for a party! I've never had a Meowgarita so I think that I'll try one of those first.

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

Willow said...

Hola to everyone! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Wow, look at all of those pinatas! Oooh, I think I'll try a Lizquilla! Everything looks wonderful!

Purrrrrrrs, Willow

Sweets the Cat said...

WooHoo! Happy Cinco de Mayo amigos! :D

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hola, cinco de Mayo feliz! Yo quiero arroz con pollo! Mmmm, meowgaritas deliciosas!

When will we break the piñata? Thanks for the great party! If Sol and Smokey wanna play Squiggle Potball some more, I'm in!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

What an excellent party! Hi everybody!

Rascal: you got pinatas? kin I help break 'em? breakin' stuff is my specialty!

ML said...

Squiggle Potball... O, that's tha game tha boys an Faith-Boo was playin yesserday morning!

Go right ahead, Rascal, take yours best shot. An we's got a pinata fur effuryone here... that's alotta pinatas. hee hee.

An Grr, Midnight & Cocoa, there's your specshul purrthday cake... see, it's got you three dressed as banditos... you can't hardly see tha little masks, but they's there.

Hey, effurrybody, lets all sing Happy Purrthday to Grr, Midnight & Cocoa...
Happy Purrthday to you...
Happy Purrthday to you...
Happy Purrthday to Grr, Midnight an Cocoa...
Happy Purrthday to you...
... an many mores.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Um, we slept kinda late...Speedy went to wack at pinatas...Mmmm breakfast! Dis is a great party, has anyone seen Zippy, oh never mind, she's already eating and DRINKING!

Daisy said...

What a fabulous party! Ole! The mariachi band is very good! I think I will take a spin across the dance floor. Wheeeeeeeeeee!
Thanks for inviting us!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

oooh - thank you! that cake's so cute and yummy looking. you're the sweetest bunch of cats! purrrrrrs! kin we cut it up an pass it around now?

Rascal: claws sharpened...preparing for the leap... ::SLASH:: GOT IT!

ML said...

We's waiting fur you three to cut yours cake... an we's hungry.
How bout some mores lizquilla????
Look at Daisy dance, wow, she's really good...
Rascal, did you's get it???? Tha furrst time??? hee hee!

Asta said...

Hi Missy Blue Eyes, KC, Faith-Boo, Smokey, Sol & BJ
It's so nice to be hewe and celebwate wif you..thank you so vewy much!!!
I hope evewyone gets some of the tweats fwom the pinata I bwought..(temptations fow all the kitties)
it's awfully nice of you to put up my pictoowe
I'm going to go play wif my fwiends that I see hewe now
smoochie kisses..

DK & The Fluffies said...

ASTA - Welcome to the Fiesta! Care to take a hop round the dance floor? ~Lando Bun

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

mmmmm...the cake is excellent. thanks fur the lizquilla - we never tried it before. makes us feel like dancing - WHEEEEE! did efurrybuddy get some cake?

Fat Eric said...

What a great party! thanks so much for having it! The food is amazing...and happy Cinco de Mayo to you!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a fun party. Happy Cinco de Mayo to all of you.

Emma's Kat said...

Wow, happy Cinco de Mayo!! Sorry we is so late. Meowmie has been busy wif houseworks tahday, so she didn't not turn the compooter on for us! I knows, shame on hers! Okay, party time!!


Asta said...

Lando Bun just asked me to hpp awoud the dance floow..what fun!!! I'm having a gweat time..the pinata I bwought is full of temptation tweats fow all of you, so whack away, hehehe
gotta go I mean hop
smoochie kisses

ML said...

Faith-Boo: I wanna dance, I wanna dance, Rascal, will you's dance wif me?

KC: Auntie Deb just unloaded some specshul pinantas fur us... they's got ribbons all hanging down. All we cats haf to do is jump an grab tha ribbons to unleash a world of goodies.

Looks like Sol & Smokey got Asta's Temptation Pinata opened. Oh, effurryone's so happy!

Beau said...

Hey Everyone! This is such a great party, and the food is wonderful!!

caspersmom said...

Gosh, I almost missed the party. HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO EVERYONE. Hey Missy, how about a dance??? Hey, I'll have a lizquilla. Shrimp sounds good too. Got to make up for lost time. The Sherwood cats sure make a good show with all their dancing on the tables. Who-Hoo.

We have a new arrival and Mom is hoping to post him or her today. Got to think up a good name.


MoMo said...

WoooooHooooo!!!! Efurrybuddy is here!!! Hi Asta!!! Hi efurryone!! More dancing - I'm up for it.

Thanks to the Taylor Catsssss for the history lesson and the song. We don't have any celebration of Cinco de Mayo in Ozzieland but I'm in for any party!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, efurryone!

Let's sing and dance!
:wriggling furry butt while balancing a lizquilla on head:

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Rascal: What? Me? You wanna dance with ME, Faith? I'd LOVE to!

Mickey said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Who parties more than we cats?!!! Hahahahaha!!! WooHoo!!!!
Purrs Mickey

Alasandra said...

Hi everyone, we are back. We took Charybdis home so she could get her medicine and get some rest. We are ready to PARTY!!!

~Socks & Scylla

Hi Asta, can you show me that dance step you are doing? ~Scylla

Hi MoMo, lets find a quit corner and spend some time together. ~Socks

Alexi said...

Hail! Hail ! The gang's all here !!
At the least the gang from the Castle! Here in SC it is raining. So we is glad to visit efurrycat in Houston for the Cinquo de Mayo party!

Now pass those nip meowgaritas, PLEEZE! YUMMY!

Alexi and the gang

ML said...

Look at Missy an Casper dancing, isn't it sweet. Purrrrr.

And little F-Boo, dancing wif Rascal, she twirls real good.

I'm so glad Karl and Momo brought tha lizquilla, it is really popular and good. Yum. Makes ya feel like dancin'...

Come on, Asta, dance wif me's...

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Riley: hey Sol, wanna dance with me? ::giggle::

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't see Missy Blue Eyes picture on today's post so have to do with the Joke post. My beauty has wit and humor also. Those pure blue eyes are blue pools of water, but I think I said that before. Just can't think of anything else as Missy Blue Eyes just takes my breath away and I can't think straight. How about a slow dance Missy Blue Eyes.

Your Secret Admirer

Alexi said...

I'm going to take a spin on the dance floor, too! WHEEEE! After a meowgarita that's somefing else!!

ML said...

KC: Ohmigosh, Missy's SECRET ADMIRER is here an wants ta dance wif hers. Wowie....

Fiona Bun said...

Maybe NOW we'll know who he is...

Pixel said...

What a great party this is. Smokey, WOuld you like to dance ( blushing) I just have to make sure I can see my little brother and keep him out of trouble

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

whoa - no way...where? where's the Secret Admirer? we've been wanting to meet SA for a long time now!

Moki said...

We made it! Can someone please pass the niptini's?

ML said...

KC: Oh, look, Riley is dancing wif bof Sol and Smokey, hee hee.

Hi Moki and Orange Boy, welcome, welcome, welcome. So good to meet you bof.

We's looking fur Missy's Secret Admirer, last I saw of Missy, she and Casper was dancin....

More Lizquillas and Meow-garitas fur effuryone! Dance, dance, dance...

The Meowers from Missouri said...

!!hola amigos y amigas!! what a fanfurrytastic party you has here! we has each had a slushy-tini(all tuna, except for nitro, who had a "suicide") an' boodles an' boodles of real live dead shrimps, an' last ennyone saw of ed, he was headed for the liztini shooters. just send him home when he wakes up; he'll be a little shirty at furst. or if midnight wants to wag him home wif her (an' her mom don't mind), he'll prolly wake up cheerier;-)

nels really likes the arroz con pollo sin arroz! he's gonna nap a while in a corner, an' then go back for seconds.

xingy missed a pinata twice but got it onna third try--it fell alla way down, so she bunny-kikt it till it gave up WONDERFUL catnip raviolis an' toys! she is furry excited acause she's not furry athletic!

we was busy this weekend helpin' mom gather up an' pack stuff for gramma's yard sale in a couple weeks, an' we made sure nuffin' left the house wifout its proper allotment of cat hairs!!;-) so we wanna thank you for hafing this excellent pawtay--we's relaxin' for sure!!

love & purrs,
nels, ed, nitro, & xing

One-Eyed Jack said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

Wow! What a great party! KC? KC? Where are you?





Anycat else I can pounce?!?!?

Thanks fot the great party Sherwood gang!


Tyler said...

We are festejando out here in San Jose, CA. We'll zoom on over and join you ASAP. What a wonderful spread you have. We'll bring some fresh fish tacos to add to your banquet. Yummmmmers! Oh, and those niptinis are to die for. Fireworks, uh, do you have a bed we run and hide under until they pass? We're not into booming things. But we don't mind waiting until they're's always a good time for a siesta.

Thank you and Gracias por todo,
Tyler and Sibs

Alexi said...

I think Mallory would like to dance but she's shy.

Spooker said...

Cinco de Siesta for me!

Anonymous said...

Feliz cinco de mayo, yo no celebro, pero aun asi me gustan las fiestas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asta said...

Hi Evewybody
Kc..thank you fow that yousuwe know youw moves, heheh
Scylla that's why I was dancing so was KC.
Socks, pleez take cawe of Momo sissy, she was balancing niqutiilas on hew head while dancing, hehehe

Scylla it was nice of you to take Charybdis home..I hope she feels bettew..and the birfday kids..Happy Birfday!

Alasandra said...

Missy & KC thank you for having us. We had a terrific time. ~Socks & Scylla

PS: Charybdis enjoyed the party too, she was sorry to have to leave early.

Darling Millie said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

May I please have a Margarita? And I'd like a whack at that pinata!

Ooohh... Fireworks and DANCING!!!

Whee! What an awesome party!

MoMo said...

Bye, Socks, Scylla and Charybdis! Hope your tail gets better soon.

Wow, what a lot of guests here! I have had a drink with most of them yet.

More niptinis, more liquillas for efurrybuddy!

MoMo said...

Do I get an introduction to Missy's SA?

ML said...

KC: Jack, you's still here? had to get refills fur tha meow-garita macshenes. hee hee.

Wow, look at tha crowd. Now this is a Cinco de Mayo paw-tee! Yay Cats, yay woofies, an yay any other critters i's forgotted.

Hi effurrybody, let's dance!

ML said...

:: dancing and twirling wildly on table ::
I hafn't seen Missy or tha SA or even Casper... dunno what's going on.

Do you see Jack anywheres....???

Come on up an dance, it's getting dark an tha fireworks will be starting soon.

One-Eyed Jack said...

Here I am KC!!! Dance with me?


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

We stopped by for one more round of Meowgaritas!


Thanks for the fantastic party!!!

Siesta time!!

One-Eyed Jack said...

We're gonna have to watch the fireworks quietly, the OTW has to go to a meeting now!


Samantha & Tigger said...

Wow, the fireworks were fantastic!! Thanks for the fun Cinco de Mayo Party! Our typist is watching the grandbabybean so we were around quietly having a good time!!
Your FL furiends,

Anonymous said...

Dang that tiger cat. He won't let me dance with my beautiful Missy Blue Eyes.

Please Missy Blue Eyes, I love you. I don't know, to much drinking going on.

Secret Admirer

Veronica (& Fig) said...


Sophia said...

It's CASPER???!!!

The Cat Realm said...

Oh my gosh - is the party STILL going on???? What an event - and the fireworks were fantastic - as were the dancing performances of some!!!!
We are taking it slow this week - but we did put up another funny fund raiser!!!! Ever since we discovered that you can make money by selling compromising pictures we are hooked, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha - it'll all benefit all of us as it will all go to CFHF!

ML said...

Yup, tha paw-tee is still going on. me an Jack's been dancin an talking.
i's tried ta sneak up an see who Missy's SA is, but couldn't never find out, there's too many cats here. hee hee.
But she did to dance wif Casper, so that's good. but darn, i wants to know who hers secret admirer is.
pee ess: you's can stay as long as you wants.

One-Eyed Jack said...

Persephone! Put down the lampshade and back away slowly! It was funny once, but now you're just being silly!


Jewelgirl said...

I am sorry I missed the Party
her on May 5th! I had my own
"triple" on May 5th birthday party
at my house! Both Spooky Do and
Daisy Dukes celebrated their 6th
birthdays and my human tween also
has a Cinco da Mayo birthday!

Anonymous said...

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