Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Missing Rose

This is so hard, I still can't believe it.
All I know is that she was in rehab when she died.
She had complications from a gastric band surgery years ago and has had one corrective surgery.
She needed another surgery and might have had it.
I have been so out of touch with the old cell phone plus this ancient laptop.
I did get a message a few weeks ago
telling me to not be surprised if she died in the next few weeks.

So many of you have offered donations, they would be greatly appreciated.
My Paypal address is mlgiggleman AT gmail DOT com.
You can pay via Paypal if you have an account or use any credit card.
I will make a spreadsheet on Google to let everyone know how the funds are being spent.

The funeral home said they can cremate Rose and provide a burial for her in NJ.
Medicaid may cover some of this expense.

She was estranged from her family for many many years,
and they want nothing to do with the burial.
This was their choice, not hers.
This is so sad.
The animal shelter is charging me by the day to keep the three Royals.
They are not doing well at the shelter, the report is that they are not eating.

We have a home for Emily, actually two different offers!
This is fantastic.

Is there any one who could take the dynamic duo of  big Brutus and his sisfur Marigold? 
 They are so attached, they have to stay together.
Could someone foster them? 
If I can get transportation arranged, I will foster them if I have to.
I would like to get them out of that shelter environment and into a place where they have a lot of human contact.

We will need transportation.
Is anyone in the Highland Park area of NJ who could help?

I would love to be able to get Rose's things,
she had items from different CB-ers that she cherished.
Maybe they would like their items back, to remember her.
Mary, her landlady, will box them up and keep them.

Love & Purrs,
Mom ML & Reepurrter KC

pee ess: Next week KC is going to a different vet for a second opinion!
Keep your finger and paws crossed for her.

pee ess: I may not be online much today, have a migraine.
This is the first one in a while.
The nerve blocks are really working!
Where I used to have one or two days a month without migraines,
now I only have a couple of them a month!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Very Sad Noos - RIP QM Rose

Queen Mother Rose went to the Bridge 10 February 2013.

QM Rose, along with her three beloved kitties, 
Brutus, Marigold and Emily, posted as QM Rose & The Royals

She was one of the original cat bloggers, back when we used to meet at The Daily Kitten.

Brutus, Marigold and Emily barely avoided being sent to the Bridge today.
I have an old cell phone that works when it feels like it.
Because of that, I did not get the call about Rose when it came in last week.

They needed contact with me to prevent The Royals from being put down. 
Today was the final day. 
Thankfully, the phone worked enough to receive the message.

The Royals will need to find homes, if anyone is interested.
Animal Rescue said the cats were not handling QM Rose's death very well, they are having a hard time without her.

I am making Rose's final arrangements, as no one in her family wants to do it.
That is so sad.

KC and I are looking to her huge CB family to join in remembering her.

I will share details as they come available.  

Love & Purrs,
Missy Blue Eyes
Faith Boomerang
Baby Cat
BJ aka Brutus Jr.
Mom ML

Pee Ess:
My BJ was named for Rose's mancat Brutus... he is Brutus Jr. or BJ!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our sweet Judi-Bug, we were privileged to have you here on earth, but we know that heaven has received an amazing soul and will be more glorious because of you, our beloved friend. Thank you for enriching our lives.

Deb and I will keep you to your promise to visit us. Every time we see a ladybug, we will know it is you. WE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!

ML & Deb

Judi requested that in lieu of flowers or any other form of condolence, contributions be made to the Treat Fund (located on the SASS blog).

A Poem for Judi
When you are out for a stroll
and you happen to see
a beautiful little Ladybug
well, that will be Judi;
for she has made a promise
to come from Heaven above
and spend a little time with us
and touch us with her love.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Update from ML & Kitties

Missing everyone so much.

Deb's hand is finally showing some improvement, but she may still lose use of part of it. Fortunately, I am here to drive her to her hundreds of doctor appointments and therapy.

I started treatment from a doctor in Washington DC for the chronic severe migraines.
I have injections in my skull several times a week. After the injections, I have to have complete dark and quiet for 12-24 hours or more.

I should be getting cable and internet in the next few weeks. Am so excited. Purchased a new computer last week and cannot wait to get back online.
Hoping everyone has not forgotten us.

So sorry to be out of touch, just way too much to do and not a lot of time.

Love & Purrs,
Mom ML & Kitties

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We are fine, just missing everyone!

Auntie Deb and I are still alive and kicking!

Her hand surgery turned out to be very serious. She is having a hard time with the recovery. They had to rebuilt several torn tendons in her hand. I have had to take her around for all of her doctor appointments and chores.

I am only about half way unpacked. We LOVE it up here. I did pull a muscle in my back and that had me down for almost two weeks.

Plus neither of us has a working computer, just work intermittently.

We've got tons of photos of this past month and lots of tales. Can't wait to share with everyone.
Many thanks to Mog for keeping the CB going, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Please send lots of purrs and purrayers for Auntie Deb. She goes to the doctor today to have the cast repositioned on her arm. After that, I will try again to order a computer and internet service. Hopefully I will be up and running by the end of the month.

I could also use a few purrs, I see a pain specialist tomorrow for tests and treatment for this stoopid migraines.

Love & Purrs to Everyone in the CB,
ML & Deb