The Cats

*** work in progress ***

Missy Blue Eyes - My First Cat
Sweet Missy came into my life because a neighbor's allergist demanded she have a cat-free environment. I had told her numerous times I did not want a cat, as I was afraid of them. One day this neighbor paid a surprise visit and asked again. As she asked, my eyes fell down on the most beautiful cat ever, lying in her arms, staring up at me with huge ice blue eyes. Everyone knows how that ended.
Now, six cats later, Missy is still my number one girl.

Status: Engaged, Captain Casper
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Birthday: March 1, 2003
Gotcha Day: May 28, 2004
Catster: Missy Blue Eyes

This is a picture of Missy as a cat living in ancient Japan. I love the old Japanese woodblock prints.

 Missy Blue Eyes found her nose twin, Captain Casper.
George from Crew's Views had issued the challenge to find your Nose Twin.


Status: Very Smitten, Jack of All Shades & Shadows

Jack, Christmas 2011
(from bottom to top)
WolfHead Longsword
 Runic Short Sword (KC, Xmas 2010)
 New Knife (around neck)
 Viking Navigation Stone (on arm)

Catster: KC

Faith Boomerang
Birthday: October 7, 2007
Gotcha Day:

Status: Very Smitten, Billy SweetFeets (Dancing With Billy SweetFeets)
Catster: Faith Boomerang
The only cat with a tail so big it has its own name (George) and zip code (77082.5).
Faith Boomerang is half-sister to Sol, Smokey and BJ. Her mother was Momma Tortie and father was Daddy Romeo.
If it weren't for sweet Faith Boomerang, we wouldn't have Sol, Smokey or BJ with us.

Sol, Smokey and BJ were three of Momma Dinah's 6-pack with Daddy Romeo. You can read more about the other three on Momma Dinah & Her Mites Blog.

Catster: Sol
Birthday: July 31, 2007
Gotcha Day: July 31, 2007
Originally named "Solitaire Noir", his name was shortened to Sol and Solomon.
He was the runt of the litter. Momma Dinah didn't remove him from the bag, I found him off to the side under the quilt. I quickly realized he was running out of air and time, and got him out, rubbed him till he started breathing, marveling at his wavy dense fur. Named him Solitaire because he was definitely a loner. 
He grew up to be 18 pounds of pure muscle and Mommy's boy.
A very effective guard cat, when he growls and runs at somebody, they retreat.
Little do they know he just wants a belly rub. Maybe?

Status: Very Smitten, Pixel 
Birthday: July 31, 2007
Gotcha Day: July 31, 2007

 Named for Smokey Robinson because of his laid back disposition. But this slim and silky boy is also a natural athlete and daredevil. He climbs, he leaps, he jumps, he knows no fear.

Catster: Smokey

Brutus Junior
Birthday: July 31, 2007
Gotcha Day: July 31, 2007

The firstborn, biggest of the litter, all mancat, he is named after Momma Grace's Brutus. Nicknamed BJ, he was the first. At everything. First out, first to walk, first to climb, you name it, he did it. First.
Catster: BJ