Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tagged by a King & a Prince

Missy: I started life in the wild as a feral kitten. A nice lady took me in after I had a litter of kittens at 4 months old. She named me Missy. When Mommy ML adopted me, she didn't want to change my name, so she just added to it: Missy Blue Eyes. Cause let's face it, I have huge blue eyes. She also calls me Mew-Mew. Thanks for tagging me, King Obsidian.

KC: i's also started life as a baby orphan, all alone. A sweet beautiful angel lady named Karen saved me from tha back room of tha animal shelter. Mine Mommy ML was so impressed, she named me after The Lady, Karen Chavez, but i's just go by tha initials KC. Mine middle initial is D fur Deb Taylor, who worked hard with Karen to free me from tha shelter. So they calls me "KC-Dee" most of tha time. Thanks fur taggin me, Prince Frostin.


Unknown said...

I am glad that you guys have nice and safe homes now. It's sad to start out as an orphan.

Jimmy Joe said...

Boy, it's a good thing there are nice Beans out there to make sure good kitties get the perfect forever homes. I liked hearing your name stories!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hey, I didn't know your middle initial was "D" for me. I'm very honored! Thank you!

Auntie Deb